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Problem Statements

  1. Lack of accountability increases arrogance and reduces quality of judgments.
  2. One single human error in making a judgement can cost several productive years of a common man.
  3. Lack of awareness about latest SC judgments of both lawyers and judges can cost several productive years of a common man.
  4. Placement of judges based on recommendations/influence (even from organizations abroad) is affecting the integrity of the system.
  5. Lawyers writing judgments denigrates and defeats the purpose!
  6. Lack of video recording and loud speakers makes litigants unaware of proceedings and subject to exploitation.
  7. Judges settling or help settle personal scores with litigants makes mockery of the system.
  8. Lack of analytical and philosophical skills produces only judgments not justice!


To assure the public money is best spent and quality of judgement is maintained, there shall have a central body transparent to public capable of

a) Setting the standard procedure of hiring, maintenance of status and firing

i) Procedure for hiring shall include written test, aptitude test
and internship period

ii) After successful internship a status of “Judge” be given which

shall always be temporary.

iii)Periodic assessments/review shall be performed to maintain
the “Judge” status failing which they shall be put back into
the internship pool.

iv) The internship period salary shall be one fourth of active “Judges”

v) Firing shall be of those who lose “Judge” status more than 2 times
in their life time, and violates code of conduct which includes
but not limited to showing respect towards litigants and lawyers.

b) Setting standard procedure and panel for internal assessments/review of all judgements to ensure quality and eliminate biases

i) There shall be a profile of all those who are hired, maintained by
the central body, consisting of “Professional History”;
which includes, but not limited to, date of hire, status history,
attendance history, number of cases handled, duration of
each case, court name & address, links to judgments, whether
gone for appeal or not, salary info etc.

ii) All reviews and suggestions made by the panel should be published
online and shall come under the RTI act.

c) Video recording with audio and store all court proceedings; links of videos
be added to the corresponding “Professional History”.

d) Ensuring a minimum of 3 judge bench in all the courts including family courts,
lok adalat and tribunals.

e) Ensuring periodic workshops to reduce human biases, which shall be one
of the criteria for maintaining the “Judge” status.

i) Video record with sound and store all periodic workshops; links
of videos be added to the corresponding “Professional History”.

f) There shall be a standard process to address the grievances of public in
all of the above.

No explanation is needed for the word ‘Misogyny’, isn’t it? It is the hatred or dislike of women or girls and is well known to even those who are not proficient in English language. But, ask someone having M.Phil in English literature about the meaning of “misandry”. More likely you won’t get any answer. It is the hatred or dislike of men or boys. Even though all the media, print, visual or internet, are widely engaged in this activity to the extent that they cannot even survive without it, how did this word become so unpopular? Out of curiosity I started tracking the Google search results since the beginning of year 2011. Here is what I found.

You may not even notice that tiny blue bars of misandry! How did this activity of misandry become a social norm? If you have any answer please post some comments for the benefit of all.

Today, on the occasion of International Men’s Day, let’s take an oat to quit misandry and work together to throw some light on the bad effects in the society because of misandry. It has influenced our judicial system, law makers and law enforcement departments alike, resulting in gross human rights violation of absolutely innocent men, at the same time encouraging the so called fairer sex to commit crime against men.

An MLA from Karnool in Andra Pradesh, T.G Venkatesh is running a campaign to encourage wives to beat their alcoholic husbands. He is offering Rs.1000 per hit and has already distributed prizes for 210 women. Is alcoholism an offense? Do alcoholics need abuse or therapy aimed at improving neurocognitive function?

A 20 year old girl from Kerala was recent caught by police for giving kisses over phone to fire-force crews. The number 101, is free and her cell phone call logs shows about 450 calls in less than two weeks period, police said. Well, before getting in to the outcome of this act, let’s think about what would have been the outcome if it was a 20 year old guy who called women officers? You guessed it right; he would have landed in jail for harassing women, might have paid a huge sum penalty or even get third degree treatment from the moral polices and official polices. Wouldn’t it? But in this case, this 20 year old girl was set free after giving a ‘warning’!

In another occasion, Times of India reported on 16th of nov 2011 that a woman who abused a magistrate hearing her case, the Delhi high court has dropped contempt of court proceedings against her. High Court said that a harried woman with a disturbed married life required succor and judicial remedy from courts and not the sword of contempt.

Where as Gujarat High Court levied a penalty of 2 lakhs to one Mr Dasharath Devda for filing a public interest litigation suit to address the gross misuse of Domestic Violence Act, which is badly affecting a large number of innocent people across the nation.

This kind of decisions taken merely on the basis of gender is sure not setting a standard that any Indian citizen can be proud of. Apparently it diminishes the respect towards this establishment and the lowers the confidence of the people in seeking justice before the court of law.

The point that I’m trying to make here is, all gender biased substandard judgments are the direct output of misandry. Let me remind again to take the oath to spread awareness about this nauseating practice and help making a change. The graph above gives us a little bit of hope as the numbers are gradually growing because of the resistance created by men’s rights activists.

Spare some time to visit and read the book “Equality for Men – Myth or Reality”. Also spread the word to as many people as you can.




  • Women get equal education and more privileges than men. Then why are husbands legally forced to carry wives financially?


  • If husband ask money from wife it is termed as dowry and has made a crime. Why is it called Alimony and has made a right, if wife does the same?


  • Adultery is legal for wives; Why are men jailed for the same act?


  • If mother take away kid, courts say kid needs mother. Why are fathers jailed for child abduction if he does the same?


  • If women dress like hookers its liberation; If men show any sort of sexual interest why is it called sexual harassment?


  • Why are men taxed more than women for the same pay?


  • Why are men banned from contesting in panchayat/municipal elections in certain constituencies?


  • Why are men denied protection under Domestic Violence Act and Sexual Harassment at workplace Bill?


  • Why do crime reports publish full name and adress of the man but change the name if it is women?


  • Why do women child and animals have ministries but not one for men?

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  • Learn how the Federal Reserve System of United States is privately owned and controlled…
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What are they planning for Dec 21, 2012 ???

Long time ago I heard that the Tsunami wasn’t a real Tsunami but a controlled nuclear explosion under the sea bed. I felt what I heard was a conspiracy theory, but after watching this documentary I tend to believe it!!!

Wake Up Call – New World Order Documentary – Remastered – 01 of 16

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AUSTRALIA – 6 NOVEMBER 2009 — Men and Fathers, Men’s Groups, Fatherhood Practitioners, and Fatherhood organizations throughout our global village will observe International Men’s Day on Thursday, 19 November 2009. Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Australia, India, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, Malta, South Africa, Georgia, New Zealand, Moldova, Germany, Holland and Brazil are a sample of the nations around the globe that are planning activities on International Men’s Day 2009 which will honor the selfless sacrifices of men and celebrate men’s invaluable contributions to families, communities, and society.

International Men’s Day is a call for international collaboration to address the challenges and problems men face; improving gender relations between men and women; promoting gender equality; highlighting positive male role models – not just movie stars and athletes – but “everyday working class men who are living decent, honest lives”; and creating a safer and better world. Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, a University of West Indies History Lecturer, conceived and coordinated the first celebration of International Men’s Day in Trinidad and Tobago on 19 November 1999. Dr. Teelucksingh selected 19 November 1999 as the date for celebrating International Men’s Day because it coincided with his father’s birthday, whom he felt was an excellent male role model, and also because it was the day in which the football team in his country created a level of unity which crossed gender, religious and ethnic divisions.

When asked to comment on International Men’s Day, Dr Teelucksingh, the founder, said: “I realized there was no day for men… some have said that there is Father’s Day, but what about young boys, teenagers and men who are not fathers? The theme for the worldwide observance of International Men’s Day 2009 is `Positive Male Role Models’. The theme for the 2010 worldwide observation of International Men’s Day will be `Unity’.”

Uma Challa is the International Men’s Day Coordinator for India. She stated: “The inseparability of the male and female entities in the Universe is represented by Ardhanareeswara, who embodies both male & female in Indian culture. This representation indicates that while both the female and male forms have their own individual identities and strengths, they are still interdependent and complementary and, it is only by combining their individual strengths that they are able to create and nurture life in the Universe. International Women’s Day is celebrated the world over every year. We also need to have a celebration every year to recognize and honor men; our fathers, brothers, partners, sons, male friends and colleagues; for the numerous services they render and the innumerable sacrifices they make to ensure the health and well-being of the family and the society.”

Warwick Marsh from Australia’s Dads4Kids and the Global Coordinator for International Men’s Day shared his thoughts about the 19 November 2009 worldwide celebration of Men’s Day: “It is my hope that International Men’s Day will be the catalyst for men, Men’s Groups, Fatherhood Practitioners, fatherhood organizations, women, social entrepreneurs, church leaders, health care professionals and providers, legal professionals, legislators, law enforcement professionals, social services professionals and providers, educators, academic and religious institutions, and businesses to begin working together in the spirit of collaboration and with a `sense of oneness’ to create, share, and implement key `pieces of the puzzle’ to resolving the critical state of affairs of men’s health and to create resources and support services that effectively address the unique health and fathering needs of men. Every idea is important. Every voice must be heard. Together we can make a difference.”

Jason Thompson from Australia and the Global Promotions Coordinator for International Men’s Day made the following comment: “International Men’s Day is a day to celebrate all positive examples of men and boys, those people we can look up to and ultimately emulate such as school prefects, academic achievers, political leaders, champions of the environment, and those more humble males who on a daily basis clean our streets, build our houses, fix our cars, police our streets, care for children, and dedicate themselves to others. Blogs, forums and resources are found on the internationalmensda website, available for your use. Please download logos and posters for your event. I would like to take this opportunity to ask individuals and organizations who have an event planned or are in the process of planning an event for International Men’s Day to contact me with the details so that we can publicize your efforts. I can be reached by email at: hippolytus_101@ au ”

Diane A Sears, the International Men’s Day Coordinator for the United States of America offered the following statement about the 19 November 2009 worldwide observance of International Men’s Day: “I share Warwick Marsh’s sentiment that we all have key `pieces of the puzzle’ to addressing and resolving the unique parenting and health issues of Men from all Walks of Life throughout our global village. We must work together as a team. International Men’s Day provides us with a great opportunity `to begin to work together in a `spirit of collaboration’ and a `sense of oneness’ . . . to share our ideas, form strategic alliances, and create and implement resources and support services that will strengthen fathers from all walks of life throughout our global village. Strong fathers create and sustain efficiently functioning family units. Efficiently functioning family units positively shape the minds and souls of our children – our future – our bridge to the future. After all, isn’t it really about our children?”

For more information about the observance of International Men’s Day on 19 November 2009 or for Media Inquiries, visit International Men’s Day website at http://www.internationalMe n’



Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh

Founder – International Men’s Day

Trinidad & West Indies


Telephone: +1 868 665 8227


Uma Challa

India Coordinator – International Men’s Day



Telephone: +91 40 97046 83163


Diane A. Sears

USA Coordinator – International Men’s Day

United States of America


Telephone: +1 215 546 0262


Warwick Marsh

Global Coordinator – International Men’s Day



Telephone: +61 24272 6677

Jason Thompson

Promotions Coordinator – International Men’s Day


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