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theRepublicThere has always been multiple arguments about the origin of feminism. Some believe it is owned and funded by capitalists to bring women to the workforce so as to boost the sales and hike the prices/profits. Some believe feminism was formed as a women’s wing of radical communists/socialists to bring them to workforce, tax everyone, dismantle families and take ownership of kids, and there by establish a totalitarian state.

Recently, I happen to listen to Dr. Rajiv Dixit’s speech comparing Indian and Western civilization. He claims to have done plenty of research on European culture and India culture. Most interesting to me, in his speech, was his references to Plato’s concepts of feminism dating back to 420BC! His comments were unbelievably insane; so I decided to do a fact check. Here is what I found in Plato’s one of the great works, The Republic. I’m totally astonished by the way Plato, Socrates and others approach an issue in question and how they reach a conclusion. It is a philosophical marvel that is guaranteed to take you to the higher levels of your thoughts.

This book is all about philosophical answers to “What is Justice?” and “What does one’s ‘right’ mean”? In the process of analyzing and explaining these questions, Plato visualizes an ideal State, its citizens and their roles in the society. It is a highly intellectual discussion took place at the residence of Polemarcus in port of Athens. Socrates, Thrasymachus, Plato’s elder brothers Ademantus, Glaucon and few others were also parties in this discussion. Information provided here are from the book that you see in the picture above; I’ve borrowed only a few lines out of 408 pages and I’m sure this will encourage you to buy and read the whole book.

Plato was influenced by Spartan society and some of the features of his own ideal society are borrowed from it. Spartans were a military caste, in which the individual was rigidly subordinated to the community. When a child was born it was submitted to the inspection of the heads of the tribe, and if they judged it to be unhealthy or weak, it was exposed to die on the slopes of Mount Taygetos. They had a high repute for chastity; but if the government directed them to breed children for the State, they had no scruples in obeying the command, though it should involve a violation of the sanctity of the marriage-tie. Plato calls it Timarchy, and also criticizes its exploitation of the lowest class as a wrong relation between ruler and ruled, liable to lead to serious disunity. He criticizes its intellectual limitations.

The population of Athens when Plato was born was perhaps 200-300000 including men women and slaves; and Athens was by Greek standards large. In its democracy the vote was confined to the adult male citizen population. Greeks never invented representative government, and the sovereign body at Athens was the Assembly, a mass meeting of all adult male citizens. One of Plato’s own criticisms of democracy was that its politicians constantly mislead it, governing by propaganda rather than reason.

The Republic‘ has three modules regarding women and family as follows:

The Status of Women

Here it is identified that the only difference between men and women is one of physical function – one begets, the other bears children. Apart from that, both can and both should follow the same range of occupations and perform the same functions; though men will, on the whole, perform them better. They should share all duties, though we should treat the females as the weaker, the males as the stronger. Can you use any animal for the same purpose as another, unless you bring it up and train it in the same way? They figured, we shall have to train the women also, then, in both kinds of skill, and train them for war as well, and treat them in the same way as the men.

For the purpose of argument they also question themselves, what professions or occupations in the structure of society men and women are differently suited by nature? They said, we need not waste time over exceptions like weaving and various cooking operations, at which women are thought to be experts, and get badly laughed at if a man does them better. So in general, one sex is much better at everything than the other. A good many women, it is true, are better than a good many men at a good many things. There is therefore no administrative occupation which is peculiar to woman as woman or man as man; natural capacities are similarly distributed in each sex, and it is natural for women to take part in all occupations as well as men, though in all, women will be the weaker partners. As they are the weaker sex, we must give them a lighter share of these duties than men.

Marriage and Family

Here is the biggest wave that is going to drown you for sure; Plato is of the opinion that if men and women are to lead the same lives, the family must be abolished. But the sex instinct has to be satisfied and controlled, and new citizens produced. Plato therefore substitutes for the family a system of eugenic breeding analogous to that used in breeding domestic animals. He says, “that our men and women Guardians should be forbidden by law to live together in separate households, and all the women should be common to all the men; similarly, children should be held in common, and no parent should know its child, or child its parent. We must, if we are to be consistent, and if we’re to have a real pedigree herd, mate the best of our men with the best of our women as often as possible, and the inferior men with the inferior women as seldom as possible, and bring up only the offspring of the best. And no one but the Rulers must know what is happening, if we are to avoid dissension in our Guardian herd”.

The plan laid out for the kids here is, “officers will take the children of the better Guardians to a nursery and put them in charge of nurses living in a separate part of the city: the children of the inferior Guardians, and any defective offspring of the others, will be quietly and secretly disposed of. They will arrange for the suckling of the children by bringing their mothers to the nursery when their breasts are still full, taking every precaution to see that no mother recognizes her child; if the mothers have not enough milk they will provide wet-nurse. They will see that the mothers do not suckle children for more than a reasonable length of time, and will hand over all the sitting up at night and hard work to nurses and attendants”

Promotion Demotion and Infanticide

What he says about promotion and demotion runs as follows: “ You will remember too that we said that the children of the good were to be brought up, and those of the bad distributed secretly among the rest of the community; and the Rulers were to keep an eye on the children as they grew up and promote any who deserved it, and degrade into the places of the promoted any in their own ranks who seemed unworthy of their position.” Here the ‘secret distribution‘ of the Timaeus is very similar to the ‘quiet and secret disposal‘ of The Republic. To sum up, Plato seems to have sanctioned infanticide(1) of defective children (the grounds here would be eugenic), (2) of children born to over-age Guardians (eugenic grounds again) (3) of children in any sense illegitimate (ie. Conceived in contravention of the laws regulating the relation of the sexes).


Most of you might be familiar with some of the words (not original concepts) mentioned here; eugenics, infanticide, abolishing family, nurseries, day care and all the rest of it. After reading this, you should be aware of its origin and if you still have no clue why you are hearing these in your day to day life, as if someone is trying to implement these ideas on a global scale, I would recommend you to watch this “UN Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version”. 

If you are interested to watch Rajiv Dixit’s speech you may watch it here in YouTube “Bharat Aur Europe Ki Sabhyata Aur Sanskriti by Sri Rajiv Dixit”

उत्तिष्टता जाग्रता प्राप्यवरण निभोदता


Out of the pain felt from the backlash of pro-family Men’s group several women organizations are under deep distress; that are busy putting together a theory to counter the startling realities brought into light by Save Indian Family advocates.

Pro-family groups and activists are facing collective badmouthing from those who are hell bend on destroying the social fabric at the tunes of external globalist evil forces like CFR, Builderberg, USAID etc from which enormous amount of funds flow endlessly.


One of such Tamilnadu based organization even did a survey and over 100 page report, only to solidify the findings and arguments made by Save Indian Family advocates.


The core of this report clings on to the aspect of rising complaints, not conviction as pointed out by pro-family groups. This is a food for thought for the readers to find the logic in the presumption that “increased number of complaints indicates increased number of crime”. If it is so, then what is the need to spend huge amount of money and several years for investigations and trials. There will only be the need of Jails where people register complaints and they can put all the accused behind bars.


The SHOs interviewed opined that educated and employed young married girls are becoming self-centered due to their economic self-reliant. They are too sensitive and highly emotional as they don’t share the ethos and values imbibed by the members of the matrimonial family. They have less tolerance level and are against joint family system. Many complainants prefer to live separately with their husbands and as a result arises conflict with husbands and in-laws. Their parents rather than advising her mostly fuel their daughter’s emotions and supported her decisions.


Though they claim no charges were framed on such complaints, one can easily understand that it is to safe guard their jobs and hide their own black deeds. Is that ever happened in the history of this planet that the culprits admitting the crime for the purpose of preparing a report?


The SHOs also shared that the women develop an attitude that if they incorporate dowry component in the complaint petitions, it increases the severity of the offence. People develop a wrong perception that only dowry complaints are entertained by the police. Even the advocates have similar views; misguide their clients and prepare the petitions with a tone of dowry harassment.


It will be repetition of the same petition to amend 498a if I start pointing out the entire survey report here. Aggrieved by the findings and lack of arguments to counter the pro-family advocates, women organizations are now blaming “Patriachy”; ignoring the fact that it is the same “Patriachy” which enacted this law. They claim that low conviction is not because of false allegations or lack of evidences to prove the offence but because of the mind-set of Judiciary!


Final Conviction Rate at the level of Appeallate Courts

Chennai Coimbatore Cuddalore Dindigal Kanchipuram Kanyakumari Madurai Salem Sivagangai Trichy Virudhunagar
1.9% 7.7% 7.5% 1.0% 15% 1.9% 1.7% 2.9% 2.9% 2.7% 5.1%


Though the Conviction Rate for the offences under Sec 498A in Trial Courts is 20%, the final conviction rate declined to an average of 3.2%. The report invariably blames Judiciary with no mention of the chances of corruption in lower courts resulting in higher rate of convictions. It says “The mismatch between the conviction rate in trial courts and appellate courts raises a serious question about justice delivery system and the legal safeguards for women victims.”


In short EKTA / AIDWA and their likes are claiming that, in matriarchal mind-set false allegations are “Genuine” and a stated “women’s right”! The report showers blessing and praises to those who make false allegations saying “Further, due to the constant attempts by various organizations women started complaining about dowry harassment to the police; of course it is a healthy sign.


I would like to borrow the words from Smt. C.P.Sujaya IAS (Retd) and appeal the women organizations with a slight modification, “It is now time – in this new century – for the women’s movements to go in for a measured exercise of collective and honest soul-searching.


Akshaya is going to undertake this UID project in Kerala. Unlike other government departments, this State IT Mission is an outsourced one; just the way Mc Donald’s, KFC or Café Coffee Day sell franchises. In other words Keralites are going to give their sensitive personal data to private entrepreneurs.  I have no idea how many franchises does those babu’s relatives and friends own.

Deccan Chronicle also published his article in which he brags about the benefits of UID and also condemns the civil/privacy rights activists.

Here is my response to all of the questions posted by Mr, Korath V. Mathew in Deccan Chronicle.  His comment is available here.

Is UID going to be a game changer?

Yes, UID is indeed a game changer. Numbering every citizen will change the game of government from ‘SERVANT’ to ‘MASTER’, from Democracy to Fascism, from Representatives to Authorities, from Republic to Oligarchy, from Liberty to Slavery.

The answers to following questions are a revelation of the impending transformation.

1. Is UID ubiquitous?

Yes, it will be with you from the time of birth to your grave. You are born in a prison where you are made accountable for every action; every move you make you will be under surveillance, everything you do is at the mercy of your Lord, your Master; The Government. You are treated as a criminal before you commit a crime. You are forced to give evidence for the crime that you are going to commit in the future. Your existence is at the mercy of the Government.
2. Will every Indian citizen having UID be able to prove his identity any time, anywhere in India?

Yes. You are NOT born free. You have to PROVE your existence on this planet to the Government; otherwise you are not allowed to live. Your existence will get constantly double-checked when you want to eat, when you want to work, when you want to travel, when you want to play and at every point in your daily life.
3. Is it possible for anyone to get two passports, birth certificate or any duplicate certificates in one name or somebody’s name?

No. But once your data is in the database and available to the BABUS/hackers, they can use it to get ONE passport ONE certificate ONE birth certificate or anything that you might need but you haven’t gotten it yet. The RACE starts now… is that you or the BABUS/hacker, who is going to get it first?
4. Is it possible for somebody to impersonate?

No. Don’t you know that we have state of the art cutting edge technology implemented all over India? Everywhere you go, what ever service you want to get they will validate your UID number against your thumb impression and iris scan INSTANTANIOUSLY to cross check that it is YOU, not anyone else. If there is no power that’s electricity departments problem; if there is no network that’s ISP’s problem, UIDAI has nothing to do with other departments.
5. Is it possible for anyone to operate bank accounts in another person’s name?

No. Don’t ask stupid questions. When you do online banking you have to send scanned images of 10 fingers, iris and other organs so that the system can double check its YOU, not anyone else!  BTW its better you change the passwords occasionally; most banks force you to change it every now and then for some crazy reasons. For UID you don’t have that hassle!!! You got the point? What about offline banking? UIDAI is going to equip all the banks with devices that scan all your organs and ensure that its YOU. All the banks have already networked to UIDAI central database and all the 1.2billion people will get authenticated instantaneously. Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about NASA, I’m talking about INDIA!
6. Will the transactions and bank accounts of one individual be interlinked?

Yes. You are under constant surveillance. If a future government is saying you cannot do multiple transactions a day then you can’t. If they impose a transaction tax then you will pay that too. You will be allowed to do what the Government decides, which may be good for you may be not. Why don’t you take a chance?
7. Will a UID enabled banking system be deterrence to black money generation?

Yes. I heard that SWISS bank is asking UID to open account. Are they kidding?
8. Is every citizen who has a UID be safe from impersonation and misuse of his identity?

Yes. If that happens then YOU cease to exist! If someone makes a passport (under the table or fake), with your data which you already gave then YOU cease to exist. The other person will become YOU. On the contrary, if that other person does some criminal activities with that passport then at the time of interrogation there is no question about impersonation, because the system knows that it is YOU.
9. Can anyone impersonate and break through a UID mandatory security system?

No, because we don’t have any such system yet. And even if it exists we don’t expect it to work. If that works we don’t expect that there will be electricity, if both works we don’t expect the network to work. It will be rare to see all the things working together and during that short interval it will be hard to break through that security system.
10. Can a UID based security system ensure a safer tomorrow?

Yes. If that works! If we have uninterrupted power system, if we have uninterrupted high bandwidth networks, if we have vigilant support and back up systems to tackle failures, if we have disaster management and recovery systems, if we have efficient employees who come to work on time and don’t go home early, who do not slack, if we have top class management; Tomorrow never dies, Lets hope for the best and get the UID immediately before someone else make one in your name!

Please post the letter to the prime minister.

Protest Letter to PM

UID Cartoon /Caricature PDF format

Public awareness notice in Malayalam.

Sign Facebook Petition here

For the past few weeks when I talk to people, both online and offline, about the threats of Aadhaar/UID project I have been getting mixed responses. Of which the majority are leaning towards the project for those reasons that are “served” but the government through the mainstream corporate media. Ironically, some of the people that I had talked to tried to match the situation similar to the protests made by communist party of Kerala against computers and mechanized harvesting tools. Interestingly, I could see tremendous hope in general public; a hope that UID can wipe out corruption, poverty and also bring development. The explanations I got were all about preventing minor frauds which may cause damage not worth more than Rs.5000.

Apparently, none of the articles that talk about the threats of UID are convincing enough to wake the general public from hallucination. I realize that, there is a great amount of truth in the saying that, “one lives in the prison of their own imaginations”.

Edward Bernays in his famous book ‘Propaganda’ rightly said

 “…The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.

I tried to articulate all the potential risks in my protest letter to Prime Minister, but looking at the comment of a reader I got flabbergasted! It says, “Not a single practical risk comes forward from your article” It clearly shows that how much general pubic values their privacy rights, how much lessons they learned from history, how much proactive they want to be and above all how much well informed and alert they are.

It is that comment which motivated me to write this article; I take it as my failure to express my thoughts in more convincing manner for a wider audience with out taking their level of information for granted. Let me tell you upfront that unless you are ready to spare 3 or 4 hours to go over the videos and links that I’m going to provide below, you will never able to get the bigger picture and remain ignorant about the threats.


The following two videos will give you a 30 minute crash course about the huge risk involved in having a centralized database of all people just like a prison database or earmarks in cattle farms. It has good explanation of Eugenics and how it was used in the history.

The above footages are copied from Alex Jone’s Documentary “End Game”. To date this documentary on YouTube has 1,529,158 views. Alex Jones is an activist/Radio host/Documentary film maker who is fighting against the tyrannical and oppressive government of USA. For more info visit or his YouTube channel

Biometrics, Turning a ‘Citizen’ into a ‘Subject’:

Usha Ramanathan ( 2 videos give you great level of information in 30-40 mts)

Why Nandan Nilekani could lose his job

(A comprehensive analysis by Rediff Business)

The above article narrates a wide range of 11 different identities of Nandan nilekani which not many people know about. Some snippets from the article

He is head of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which is functioning without legislative approval either at the Centre or in the states and has signed contracts with US companies like L1 Identities Solution that works with US intelligence agencies.

An industry document titled ‘Homeland Security in India’ underlines the connection between UID number and National Intelligence Grid (NAGRID). It is public knowledge that NATGRID chief Capt. Raghu Raman, wishes to hand over ‘internal security’ of the country to the ‘commercial czars’ and recommends ‘private territorial armies’ to safeguard ‘corporate empires’.

Aren’t we aware that UID number is a component of the World Bank’s partnership with six multinational companies and two governments that was announced by the bank in Washington? Do we really believe that the World Bank works to promote our national interest?
WikiLeaks cables reveal how the US State department is interested in knowing about India’s unique identification program, a biometric database of the world’s largest democracy.

VS Achuthanandan about UID

Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan has alleged commercial motive behind the State government decision to implement the Unique Identification (UID) number project Aadhaar

Does the UID project infringe on privacy?

This article has put together two different views. One from the stand point of general public through Supreme Court lawyer Pavan Dugal, and the other, from corporate stand point through Nasscom president Som Mittal.

The UID Aadhaar Project Will Make Constitution Of India A Dead Document By S.G.Vombatkere

“Linked with surveillance in public places and with all people registered with the Aadhaar system, tracking every activity of any or every citizen will be merely a matter of money and technology. This will irreversibly change the relationship between the State and its people, confirming the State as the master when the Constitution of India envisages precisely the opposite.”

The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Aadhaar: on a platform of myths

 The UID project has been integrated with the Home Ministry’s National Population Register (NPR). [NPR does not ensure privacy, data collected is publicly accessible]

The report of UIDAI’s “Biometrics Standards Committee” notes that “fingerprint quality, the most important variable for determining de-duplication accuracy, has not been studied in depth in the Indian context.”

 High-cost, high-risk (by R. Ramakumar Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.)

 In this article you will read some history around this project and critical analysis.

What is the social benefit of centralizing all information and access to welfare schemes into one smart card? Unfortunately, the UPA government has skipped public debate around criticisms and alternative suggestions.

How the Defense Department is using biometrics

This video will give you a clear idea of how biometrics is been used by USA defense department to keep track of law offenders and criminals.



People should learn about their rights and understand that we the people are neither Slaves nor the government is our Master. We are NOT governed by the Government but we are all governed by The Constitution. Value the rights granted by The Constitution, at the same time stand up to DEFEND those rights from erosion. Enormous power granted to the rulers has historically been disastrous to the people. If you have seen the first two videos you will not need any better explanation. Decentralization of power is the key of democracy. It is for the same reason why we have upper and lower houses of parliament who makes law and a President to give assent and a Supreme Court to interpret that law. Isn’t this centralization of data and reversing the role of government from servant to master a “Practical Risk”?

As you saw in the last video USA keeps a database of biometric information of criminals in order to trace them. Now UID project in India is going to treat everybody the same way as USA treats criminals!

Nick Clegg, UK’s deputy prime minister said in his speech in British Parliament,

It is outrageous that decent, law-abiding people are regularly treated as if they have something to hide. It has to stop. So there will be no ID card scheme.”

Aren’t you empowering the government to treat you like a criminal even before you commit a crime? Isn’t this a practical risk?

How many of you trust those rulers in the parliament where more than 60% have multiple criminal charges on them? Black money in Swiss bank alone is over Rs.140, 000 crores. How much black money do you think will be in other foreign and domestic banks and also in other forms of wealth? How responsible do you think these people will take care of your personal data? Isn’t this a practical risk?

I would say, UPA has bullied 1.2 billion people with tremendously great skills!!! Read the book mentioned above, “Propaganda”, to know how did they mold your thoughts to believe that it is a great project? Are people of India OK with dictators? The whole Aadhaar project has not gotten legislative approval yet, which means its ILLEGAL. And the responsible pseudo-intellectual citizens are applauding it! How many of those pro-uid folks have read the THE NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION AUTHORITY OF INDIA BILL, 2010? They baselessly think that this magic number will stop corruption, illegal migrants and terrorism! Clause 6 of this bill says

“The aadhaar number or the authentication thereof shall not, by itself, confer any right of or be proof of citizenship or domicile in respect of an aadhaar number holder”.

It never says that this number is to be given only to the citizens! The statement of objects and reasons of the bill states that

The Central Government had decided to issue unique identification numbers to all residents in India and to certain other persons.”

Who are these “certain other persons”? And the said bill mysteriously didn’t provide any “Reasons” for this project! There is no mention about what problem this project is trying to solve. What alternatives do we have to solve that problem? And there are plenty of questions that need to be answered before spending huge amount of money and inviting huge unforeseen risks. But why are the government collecting data without getting the legislative approval? Did you ever see such enthusiasm in any other government projects? Isn’t it a Practical Risk to override the standard procedures of law making? Isn’t it a Practical Risk to give UIDs to any resident who applied; regardless of whether or not s/he is an illegal migrant?

We do have not too old history of a government which suspended the Constitution and IMPOSED the state of emergency on the people by first woman prime minister of India. That resulted in hundreds and thousands of custodial deaths, rapes and abuse of civic liberties. Once all your daily activities and bank accounts are linked to UID and a particular future government says, “You can’t do more than Rs.500 transaction per day, failing which Rs25 for every extra Rs.100 will be taken out from your bank account and credited to the government”, then what options do you have? If the government starts charging exorbitant amount of taxes and levies for everything then what options do you have? If you say NO, your daily life will precisely come to a dead halt! Aren’t those Practical Risks that we the people may face from a tyrannical government?

Now, do you still want to equate highly sensitive biometric data (which ties a person to bureaucracy) to credit card or a $1000 transaction! Do you still want to equate Aadhaar threats with a threat from a pick-pocket? In a country where we have a completely broken down criminal justice system coupled with extremely corrupted law enforcement system one has to be a retarded, not even a fool, to believe the risks can be mitigated through legislation! At present police are fabricating any sort of evidences to trap innocents, but many of those can be effectively challenged in the court. False cases filed against Ruchika’s brother are classic examples. Once UID is linked to everyone’s daily activities, bank account, medical records and everything, what are the chances that you can think of for a police officer to make fool-proof evidences against an innocent person? Will it help the poor more or the elites to do any crime and get away with it?

After the implementation of UID,

  • What are the chances that you can get LPG without being given it to someone else for a day or two by the agency?
  • What are the chances that all the PDS shops have UID verification devices?
  • If all the PDS shops have UID verification devices what are the chances that the system works when someone wants to buy something?
  • What are the chances that electricity outage, telephone/network outage block a person from getting the service?
  • What are the chances that the service providers intentionally break the system down to deny the service?
  • What are the chances that someone else avail the service in your name and you get trapped in cases which you cannot prove otherwise?
  • Schools do collect information regarding religion, caste race, language; Banks collect income information and what are the chances that future generations won’t face another holocaust, forced sterilization or repeat another Rwanda?
  • This list will go on based on how well your criminal brain works; but my point is there is nothing much you can expect out of this project other than surrendering your sovereignty and making the State, a more powerful Master.

I’m not against e-governance or any thing that improve efficiency but that process should not infringe upon our civil rights and liberties. PAN cards made a big difference in tax collection, but not at the cost of privacy. The data is not accessible even through Right To Information Act. So should every department. We should draw the line at the right place so that liberty and security can prosper together.

Late Roger Needham, a British computer scientist, aptly said,

‘If you think IT is the solution to your problem, then you don’t understand IT, and you don’t understand your problem either.’

Please post the letter to the prime minister.

Protest Letter to PM

UID Cartoon /Caricature PDF format

Public awareness notice in Malayalam.

Sign Online Petition here

Honorable Prime Minister,

This memo is with respect to the Aadhaar Project, issuance of UID, collection and centralization of personal data including biometric information of entire population. I recognize the fact that, to date, no bill has been passed in either houses of the parliament neither had done any study, research or public debate regarding the same. I strongly believe that it is an absolutely ungrateful and deceitful act by the Government of India, a gross violation of fundamental right to privacy of the respected citizenry and a monolithically ruthless step to undermine the very Constitution of India. Here are my arguments against UID project…

1. Unconstitutional

Article 21 of The Constitution of India states that

No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.

In the case of collection of highly sensitive personal data of the entire population without due parliamentary procedure is totally unacceptable and is outright violation of the above mentioned article. In fact, State has no right to pass such a law which invades the privacy of its citizenry.
As per Article 13(2)

The State shall not make any law which takes away or abridges the rights conferred by this Part and any law made in contravention of this clause shall, to the extent of the contravention, be void.

Although, Part III of the constitution stating fundamental rights does not expressly specify the privacy rights, honorable Apex court of India in its landmark judgment Unni Krishnan, J.P. & Ors. Etc. VS State Of Andhra Pradesh & Ors. on 4 February, 1993 ruled that

“This Court has held that several un-enumerated rights fall within Article 21 since personal liberty is of widest amplitude.

The right to privacy
Govinda v. State of U.P., [1975] 3 SCR 946 701
In this case reliance was placed on the American decision in Griswols v. Connecticut, 381 US 479 at 510

It is the fundamental right of everyone in this country, assured under the interpretation given to Article 21 by this Court in Francis Mullin’s case, to live with human dignity, free from exploitation. This right to live with human dignity enshrined in Article 21 derives its life breath from the directive Principles of State Policy and particularly clauses (e) and (f) of Article 39 and Article 41 and 42 and at the least, therefore, it must include protection of the health and strength of workers, men and women, and of the tender age of children against abuse, opportunities and facilities for children to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity, educational facilities, just and humane conditions of work and maternity relief. These are the minimum requirements which must exist in order to enable a person to live with human dignity and no State neither the Central Government nor any State Government has the right to take any action which will deprive a person of the enjoyment of these basic essentials.”

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to give lessons on The Constitution and its interpretations, but instead, I’m demanding those rights that are guaranteed by it and also to underscore my strongest protest against taking those rights away.

2. Huge risk of Unethical profiling

The data collected as part of providing ID cards, and the information stored in the cards, may be misused for a variety of purposes. The card can serve purposes other than its original intent. ID cards can be used to profile citizens in a country and initiate a process of racial/ethnic cleansing, same as the genocide done by Rwanda government of 1995.

Introduced in the 1930s by government of USA, as a way to track individuals for taxation purposes, Social Security numbers were never designed to be used for authentication, more over it doesn’t carry biometric data. Over time, however, private and public institutions began keeping tabs on consumers using the numbers, requiring people to present them as proof of identity, such as when applying for loans, new employment, or health insurance. The UID numbering scheme whitepaper itself says

“Since it is likely that increasingly the UID will be used by several service providers (government agencies, private institutions and NGOs) it is important for a resident to be able to remember it in the absence of a token such as a card.”

We do not want our tax money to be spent on building trade infrastructure for the undue benefit of domestic or foreign corporations taking away the bargain power of customers. There is no reason to disbelieve that the centralized database of citizens could be misused to profile citizens in undesirable and dangerous ways.

3. Unimaginable risk of Identity theft

Legislation on privacy cannot be a guarantee against the possibilities of misuse of ID cards. In USA even with adequate legislation, today, it amounts to over $50 billion worth identity theft. Survey conducted by Federal Trade Commission ( in 2006 estimates about 8.3 million lost/stolen identity victims in 2005 alone. Considering zero legislation towards identity protection, how will be the Indian scenario, is way beyond my imaginations!

4. Already rejected by governments of UK, USA, Australia etc

Two countries where the issue of national ID cards has been well debated are the United States and the United Kingdom. In both these countries, the project was shelved after public protests. Countries such as Australia have also shelved ID card schemes. Communist China, where there is no regard to personal liberties, declared its intention to introduce an ID card but later withdrew the clause to have biometric data stored in such cards.

Information Systems and Innovations Group at the London School of Economics (LSE) report identified key areas of concern with the Blair government’s plans, which included their high risk and likely high cost, coupled with technological and human rights issues. The report noted that the government’s proposals “are too complex, technically unsafe, overly prescriptive and lacks a foundation of public trust and confidence”. While accepting that preventing terrorism is the legitimate role of the state, the report expressed doubts on whether ID cards would prevent terror attacks through identity theft.
In conclusion, the LSE report noted that

“…identity systems may create a range of new and unforeseen problems. These include the failure of systems, unforeseen financial costs, increased security threats and unacceptable imposition on citizens. The success of a national identity system depends on a sensitive, cautious and cooperative approach involving all key stakeholder groups, including an independent and rolling risk assessment and a regular review of management practices. We are not confident that these conditions have been satisfied in the development of the Identity Cards Bill. The risk of failure in the current proposals is therefore magnified to the point where the scheme should be regarded as a potential danger to the public interest and to the legal rights of individuals.”

5. We do NOT want to re-live history

In the beginning of 20th century, Eugenics laws were prevalent in Germany and USA which allowed the government to forcefully sterilize handpicked ethnic groups. Government together with its so called “social workers” used to decide which newborn baby should live and which one should not! Biometric data coupled with Eugenics technology may end up in a Neo-Nazi era and we do NOT want that to happen in India.

6. Proclamation of Independence – Saying ‘NO’ to UID

In conclusion, I would like to proclaim my independence from this horrendously tyrannical government and I here by refuse and reject Aadhaar Card. At the same time, please consider this as my humble, sturdy and strongest appeal to shut down Unique Identification Authority of India with immediate effect and divert the allocated humongous funds towards productive and needful projects to uplift the poor so as to narrow down the gap between haves and have-nots.

NB: Readers are requested to take printouts and send it to the Prime Minister. Printer friendly files are available for download below. Not copy righted; feel free to post it in your blogs as yours or link back here, modify or use as is or with your name. Spread the message and defeat the evil.

Protest Letter to PM

UID Cartoon /Caricature PDF format

Public awareness notice in Malayalam.

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Long time ago I heard that the Tsunami wasn’t a real Tsunami but a controlled nuclear explosion under the sea bed. I felt what I heard was a conspiracy theory, but after watching this documentary I tend to believe it!!!

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