Stand up for your rights


Fight against gender biased laws

and make India livable to all sexes

  1. All the general laws and special acts be made gender neutral in true compliance with Article 14 of The Constitution of India to establish equality before law, including but not limited to, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) and Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill. All occurrences of word “he/she” be replaced with “person” and all occurrences of word “wife/husband” be replaced with “spouse
  2. Establish separate ministry and national commission for men.
  3. Unwelcome sexual provocation is sexual assault of a man.
  4. Indecent and inappropriate dressing is public nuisance.
  5. Six year old and sixty year old are raped by psychopaths (less than .01% in a society). Public exhibitionist strippers sexually provoke the psychopaths and innocents pay the price. This has to be tackled by proper legislation to bring disciplined public dress code.
  6. Legislate sexual intimidation.
  7. Nagging is Domestic Violence.
  8. Proper legislation should be made to stop misandry and make offenders  legally liable to compensate.
  9. Amend all relevant laws to remove presumptions and give judiciary the freedom to apply its mind.
  10. Bring Alimony prohibition Act and establish gender equality in its true spirit.
  11. Remove the ban on men to contest in panchayat and municipal elections that has been imposed in certain constituencies so as to maintain free and fair elections, one of the basic principles of democracy
  12. Implement complete judicial reforms including but not limited to make erring judges accountable.

8 Responses to "About"


good articles.

Very sensitive topic. I use to think males should be screwed for all the wrong doings to females.
However after moving to ancestors property started practicing farming. My point of view started changing because modern society trains females to be helpless. I have practiced Kalari and I know few females who are better fighters than mans.

For some time lets leave small and elderly females getting raped, people who do that are sick. Even gang rapes are to be treated seriously.

Over the last few years of my experience with cows has completely changed my point of view of rapes.
I have cows and a Bull. It is my experience for males life is altogether different. They just get crazy when the sexual urge arises, and they are almost daily in need of sex(this reminds me of school days, when you would get a boner almost daily in school). So most active healthy males will be crazy about sex.

Now all you female readers will shout at me saying are we like animals.

Let me tell the complete story.

When cows are in heat they are ready for mating with bull, which happens once in 25 days and if they conceive the cycle stops just like in ladies(i mean periods). Now when they are not in heat or if they are pregnant NO matter what they will not allow a Bull to mount on them. I MEAN NO MATTER WHAT. We humans are using sex as pleasure and look where we have reached. it is for reproduction. I feel our females have defects in their genes(including males).

One of my cows was dehorned while bull was struggling hard to mate, she didn’t allow him. That’s the kind of willpower our ladies should develop.

Another piece of information is groping(biting, mounting, using muzzle to bump) and licking in cows is very common, even while pregnant. we are trained it is bad(I would definitely get into a fight if some one touches my wife or family members) – even bulls and other male animals hate other males around their females and get into fight.

You are a fucking idiot. Unwelcome sexual provocation is sexual assault of a man? How do you define unwelcome sexual provaction? This country is full of men who ogle at a woman even if she wears a sari? Do you suggest we all wrap ourselves in a burqa and walk around? Will that satisfy your misogynistic views, Your Highness? I have a better idea, how about you men walk around with a blindfold if you don’t have the decency to respect a woman’s body? It’s idiots like you who are the reason for the appalling state of the country.

Usually i do not approve profane comments. But I’m approving this so that people get a feel of what I’m talking about and for the same reason it does not deserve a reply. I only participate in decent debates.

Dude,i hope u do realise that what u r suggesting is that men are inherently incapable of handling their emotions and urges. ‘unwelcome sexual provocation’ is an intention of no women ergo ur ‘sexual assault’ case is out of question. If u’re canvassing that men as such are way too dumb/immature/inconsiderate to justify sexual gratification via FORCEFUL (inclusive of anything uncalled for by a woman right from eve-teasing), then u need very badly need help. Our anger is not directedtowards the menfolk in entirety but towards the heartlessguiless

excellent comment… now you reverse the roles and tell me whether or not that applies?
BTW by saying “our anger” whose anger are you talking about?

Mr Suryadas seems to nurse a profound hatred of women and seems to regard them as enemies that must be contained.

I’d be surprised if he even remembers that his own mother was a human being who happened to be female.

Best of luck to you Mr Suryadas. You seem to believe that the female gender is out to destroy the male gender and I can only feel sorry for somebody who lives with such fear in his heart

This is a ready-made packaged comment used by radical feminists 🙂 against any critics. I usually hear this from those who read my articles; and i used to send them to the ‘About’ page. Its funny that you put that in the place where i made it clear what I’m up to lol.

Great work dude….. keep going

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