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“Don’t make law against Rape – It’s our right”, says women!

Posted on: July 21, 2012

Here goes all the feminists up in arms shouting “don’t make rape laws gender neutral”. What I failed to understand is, why should we give legal immunity to certain people for committing or being party to a crime? Is it a women’s right to sexually assault men and boys? Read “Can a woman rape a man?

Even the most conservative muslim society in pakistan have reported such incidents and they made their laws gender neutral. Read “3 women ‘dupe, kidnap, rape’ man in Karachi

Some are claiming that there has never been any report of women raping a men and boys in India! If there is no law to protect men and boys from rape by women, where should they make a complaint and what report can we expect to come out? Apparently, the social stigma that men face in this regard is multi-fold bigger than what women face. Even sharing the ordeal will only end up in shaming comments and more distress.

Zimbabwe women accused of raping men ‘for rituals’

Just because Amir Khan conveniently ignored the sexual assault of minor boys by adult women doesn’t mean that it is not happening anywhere in India. A friend of mine told me that, he was “sexually used” by an adult woman in his family when he wasn’t even aware of what is going on. Women sexually abusing men at work place is also increasing; our government not recognizing it as a crime has given these female perpetrators an unprecedented confidence in crossing any limits whatsoever.

This is the era of slut-walks and pub-bharo demonstrations. Recently Pune police reported that more than 74% of rape cases reported last year were consensual sex. When the relationship breaks up, it becomes “rape”. India is going through a sex revolution and western culture (better say ‘western culturelessness’) is widely getting imported. National Commission for Women chair person mentioned about the dynamics of revealing attire and sexual offenses. Interestingly, all feminists are up in arms against chair person for their right to wear whatever they want and some even want her resignation! I’m not here advocating to dictate anyone’s lifestyle, but what I’m trying to point out is the double standards of feminists who are pro-western when it comes to lifestyle but when it comes to law making they take a U-turn and suddenly become anti-western! By wearing the mask of “abla-naris” and going for pub-bharos/slut-walks is making themselves nothing but clowns.

I see all these as a drama; a drama to hide the real catastrophic catch in this amendment. What this amendment does is to consider even the minor sexual offenses and give the same amount of punishments as the soon to be old “Rape”. One of the most weird clause in this bill says, continuously following a girl, loitering around a woman’s house, calling her phone repeatedly etc will also come under the umbrella of “Rape”/sexual assault. Which means if a woman complaints that a man is always seen around her house, that man may get 7+ years of imprisonment! Considering the magnitude of horrendous abuse of other women centric laws like IPC 498(a) and Domestic Violence Act, this amendment will definitely be catastrophic to Indian men. Already soaring male suicide rate is going to explode.

Folks, this is not a man vs woman fight. This is a conscious and deliberate attack on humanity itself. The central command center of India is not parliament. Those who sit there are proven to be not serving the people of India. Do your own analysis on the number of woman centric laws that got passed in past 5-10 years. It is all meant to dismantle the very genuine human relationship between a man and woman. It is designed to break all kind of man-woman bondage and mutual respect. Remove the binoculars of gender bias and try to see the bigger picture.

The Secret History of Feminism


12 Responses to "“Don’t make law against Rape – It’s our right”, says women!"

SEXUAL ASSAULT LAW MUST BE MADE GENDER NEUTRAL BECAUSE BOYS ALSO GET SEXUALLY ASSAULTED SPECIALLY AT YOUNGER AGE.CURRENT EXAMPLE-Guru Grand Union School in Kansai section of the town. Teacher Maria, a young woman, admits that she sexually abuses young boy but does not feel ashamed or guilty. Is it her confidence in the system that will never punish her for whatever she does? She says, “Yes, I did parade them around nude.

Can you post the news link please…

hey Mr. men don’t get raped. they get used. and even while getting used they enjoy it. you see, a flaccid penis CANNOT penetrate. a man has to get turned on before a woman can penetrate him. so if you enjoy it, I don’t think it should be called violation of your body. that’s all…

Hey Ms, from your comment it is quite clear that you have not even remote clue of legal definition of rape in India. Seems you also don’t have any idea about what is “Forcible Rape”, “Statutory rape” and “other sexual offenses” too. Just for the sake of educating you i can give you some clues so that you can do more home work and learn more. In India, “sex under false promise of marriage” is also recognized as “rape”. Why is your theory “violation of body” is not applicable there? If that has to be applied, then why is not applicable when the roles are reversed?

As far as penetration is concerned, you may consider reading this

Feminists SUCK. Terrible, evil, devil women that USE men.
Men get raped, what are you, some type NAZI?

If the women is FAT and ugly, the man is NOT enjoying it at all.
If the woman is a WITCH, the man is being RAPED.
Wake up slob!

That headline is so wrong.

what do you think is the right one?

It couldn’t have been better said. Already a law has been passed last month on preventing sexual abuses against children, It is really welcome to see a law on child sex abuses but what one has to consider is that a lot of clauses in that act which were made to be strigently punishable acts are mere day to day events. That law was so strong against all people — both men and women — that even taking a child in your arms could also be interpreted as a crime, even if it is done by the child’s parents themselves.

Criminal law must be based on evidence. Material evidence. If there is no evidence then, if the explanation provided by the accused, if possible and reasonable, must be accepted.
This law will take away that reasoning out of the judge’s order. If a judge cannot judge the evidence or circumstance, then what is he / she there for?

In India judges are there to deliver “orders/judgments/verdicts”, not “Justice”!!!

believe it or not forensic evidence is not used in some countries, and the cops are the ones “finding” the evidence.

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