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Amir Khan, the Domestic Villain!

Posted on: June 19, 2012

Amir Khan as usual came up with his half truth and false alarm. This time its about Domestic Violence; against women. The most sellable story in the modern times. I’m not totally denying violence against women. I’m already getting enough hate comments saying that I’m a women hater, I’m spitting out American thoughts, so on and so forth. Let me make it clear, those who make those comments completely failed to understand what I’m talking about. I would recommend them to go over the about page and get more insight. All I’m trying to do is to show the world that there exists one more side for the coin! Total denial is total foolishness.

Everyday we read the news of violence by wife against husband. The latest one is the murder of husband by a doctor. . See the side bar for more such news. Mr Amir Khan, did you get a chance to look at the suicide statistics? Why is it that the number of suicides of married men are twice as much as married women? Why is government of India and especially woman’s rights advocates knee jerking to make Domestic Violence Act gender neutral? Are they so sure that more women will go to jail if protection of this Act is extended to men?

There are four women protection bills pending in the parliament at present.

  1. Amendment of 498a as ordered by Supreme Court of India due to patented misuse.
  2. Sexual harassment at workplace. (with no protection for men and provisions for easy misuse)
  3. Marriage law amendment. (to destroy family system and reduce population)
  4. 33% reservation of women in parliament (to undermine the constitution and uproot democracy)

Amir, you should be a contractor hired to condition the public mindset to pass all or some of the above listed laws. This is nothing but false alarm and fear mongering. Your propaganda may work on those people who do not have access to internet.

Patriachy has done no good for men; it only dumped more burden on men. More over, history says most part of India were matrilineal. It is only during the foreign invasion that all women find shelter behind men. If a tiny minority of men are abusive to women, that doesn’t grant you the right to paint every men with the same brush Mr, Khan.

Till date, feminists have been used as hunting dogs. The real hunter is waiting behind the scenes for the prey to be tired and easy to capture. In the history of humanity, regardless of the culture and creed, what we have seen is that all the documented civilizations were designed to protect and provide women not men. This kind of conscious attempt to dupe and turn women against men and vice versa has started exactly 20 years ago as part of United Nations resolution, Agenda 21.

Those who do not know what that is may watch this

What they have found is that, a strong foundation of family system is the root cause of “explosive” population. They found it as a threat to their own imperial power structure. Action plans were architected and is being executed to safeguard their position and to make the 3rd world remain 3rd or even 4rth! Some people have mistakenly call it women empowerment. The key purpose is to destroy all sorts of mutual support systems like family religion and so forth, by the people themselves!!!. How is this done? See what former KGB agent is saying.

KGB Psychological Warfare and Subversion Strategy

Destroying a country –

    –> Demoralization

            –> Destabilization

                –> Crisis

                    –> Civil War or Invasion

                        –> Normalization

He suggests solutions..

    – Stop importing propaganda

    – Restrict foreign TV

    – Self restrain

    – etc etc watch and learn…

He slams women’s lib and all kinda libs

He talks a lot about India

1hr 3mts

Once these mutual support systems are dismantled it will be easy to shift the role of protector and provider over to the BIG BROTHER; the government. This is exactly what happened in the west. Now American’s are asked to implant RFID chip in their forearm if they want to avail food stamps. Next will be social security benefits and that will cover the entire population!!!

 “The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.” – Dresden James

New World Order operative’s plan to destroy the foundation of our nation is working out pretty well.

Morons in India are applauding it as women empowerment.

Who is the single largest sponsor of feminism? Rockefeller Foundation…

Where is UN head office sitting? On Rockefeller’s property (though donated)…

Who is running ICICI bank? The Rockefellers…

Who is running Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? The Rockefellers…

Who wants to implant RFID chip on every human being on earth? The Rockefellers…

Who is Rothchild’s puppet? The Rockefellers…

Who wants to introduce Aadhaar/UID in India… THE BANKS…..

Who is the the Father of RBI? Lord Rothchilds….

Who is the financial advisory of Govt of India? The Rothchilds

Read “Is boy preference a brain product of CFR” and learn more.

Agree that women face violence at home; but is that only women who face violence at home? One in two women? Really? C’mone Amir, are you kidding? Based on your theory one of your two wives, Reena or Kiran, should have faced violence from you. Are you ready to accept that and go to jail? Or are you ready to correct and apologize to all the viewers that you deceived?



22 Responses to "Amir Khan, the Domestic Villain!"

Have you lost it?? You want a provision for sexual harassment for men? In India?? Cite one example where a female boss in India has harassed a male employee. We barely have any female bosses! Women here are afraid to even walk the streets for fear of iron rods being used to mutilate them, how on earth are they going to sexually harass someone? Young boys are certainly sexually abused (usually by older men) and there is a clear provision for that which comes under child abuse.
Women are underrepresented in this country- from corporations to government to anywhere else. Look up the stats and it’s obvious how few women are in positions of influence. THAT’s why they have reservations for women. When women are brought up to the same level as men then we can talk about removing reservations and any special provisions.

The fact that you insist that a “tiny minority” of men are violent against women shows what an ignorant misogynist you are. Look up the stats from the United Nations. Read the newspapers where new cases of rape and domestic violence come in everyday. Educate yourself on how women are raped by enemy soldiers as weapons of war. Make yourself aware of how many more women than men are illiterate in this country.

You’re so caught up in your male privilege that you can’t even accept obvious realities. I am sure there are injustices against men, but for God’s sake- you’re crying over a blocked nose and we’re trying to cure cancer over here. Get over yourself.

Why do you want example of women bosses? What are you trying to prove?, here is an example of male sexual harassment. ( Here is an example of housemaid sexually abusing 4 yo boy
I can’t paste everything here, you may visit and read it yourself.

If you are a truth-retard I cant help it, here is what the world talks about women professionals (Indian women professionals ahead of those in US, Germany,Japan)

If you want to know What UN and what feminism is you may please visit and don’t miss the video posts there.

Every 8.5 seconds one married man commits suicide, 74%+ rape cases are consensual sex, 98% of dowry harassment cases filed are for extortion. To know more about the ‘cancer’, if you are honest about fixing something, please spare some time to download this e-book and learn some statistics (

BTW thanks for the visit.

I was really hoping that this show will be about all sides of the story from a neutral observer. If Aamir Khan was that smart, intellectually honest and erudite, no company/special interest group would back this show. They love him because he can give an impression of a free-thinker to the rebellious youth while being a corporate kiss-butt.
With every episode, I am convinced that Aamir Khan is up for sale to the highest bidder. if it is women’s groups in one episode, it is some egalitarian marxists/love commandos in the other. I can also see the politicians making sure he doesn’t blame the government too much. In every episode they want a nation-wide change! Yeah right! Keralites have to pay the same price for a problem that exists ONLY in W Bengal!
There is alos a lot of misinformation and truth subversion a la Fox News in USA. They keep throwing numbers out of the blue.
for example, the quacks performing illegal surgeries were the responsibility of the police and judicial system. He blamed it on “BAD” doctors. The insecticide episode was probably called by organic and eco-friendly groups who want to bring about natin-wide mandates. So they are lobbying against pesticide use completely. He even negates the benefits of green revolution. The lady on the show was saying it didn’t benefit us because we stopped growing some crops and started importing them. So importing food is the same as begging for foreign aid according to Aamir Khan and friends.

Start by a fear mongering tactic, show the extreme cases cry a tear or two (who better to do that than an actor) and scare ordinary people by showing horrified audience, don’t tell the problems and risks involved in the solutions he is proposiong. Not a word about corruption and the weak law and order and dirty politics. Show a partial success as 100% guaranteed success.
Their game plan is so easy to detect.


Very well said…The sad reality is that commoners always fail to employ their sense of discretion to dismiss such hypocrites…

Aveek Sen in The Telegraph exposed him completely:

“Or else, he is intently listening to a victim’s testimony, fighting back the tears that well up in instant empathy. His empathy is instant and humility endless — and both instantly, endlessly enacted…..That elevated, truth-wins look comes with a DIY feel-good kit, which beautifully magicks away the hardsell factor holding it all together. It is good market strategy for cuteness to age into conscience, if it doesn’t want to lose its monopoly over hearts. Empathy and afflatus have a readymade language — in popular cinema and on the internet. This language puts no strain at all on either thought or action, and that is the mindset and skill-set on which the success of a series like Satyameva Jayate depends. That line from Rent, by the Pet Shop Boys, keeps coming back to me: “It’s easy, it’s so easy”, and before that, “…look at the two of us in sympathy/ With everything we see….”

” What jumps out in Lhendup G Bhutia’s encounter with the great man are not the quotes, but his overly mannered persona (Read it here):

When Aamir speaks, the voice that emerges is exactly like it sounds on screen. It is cultivated and genteel; the words are well articulated, with the inflections and intonations of a seasoned actor. You’d think Aamir had walked out of the screen into this room. When he emphasises the point of his show as “connecting hearts… jo dil ko chhoo de (one that touches hearts),” he comes close and draws an imaginary thread between his heart and mine. In these moments, he looks exactly like in his films.”


-Arvind K.Pandey

Thanks for the info Arvind g

Hi Prassoon, you know what was the first thing that struck me when Amir Khan was promoting this show? Will he ever talk on bigamy or extra-marital affair? That’ because, he has done it himself. Though he was married earlier, during the days of Lagaan, he started his affair with his current second wife. But, I am sure he has outsmarted the producers of this show on this one. Well, now since we are talking about women power and sexual harassment, it is a sorry state of affairs where in all the bills are awaiting in the Parliament, why? What harm will it do to them to pass the bills? I would love to say one thing…imagine a world without women? I appreciate the people who have spoken about this and are raising an alarm before it gets too late! On this note, I would like to share a piece of information that I came across. It is called the Vivel Active Fair Choo Lo Aasmaan awards to honour women who have brought about a change in their own lives and the society in large. IF you have anyone who you think befits the role, do nominate her on: All the best!!

When Aaamir was doing promotionals for this episode I was under impression that he will present both side of the story..

But he proved himself to be a poor, in-competent and weak personality by presenting one sided story on Domestic violence..

He is misusing the historical/national proverb ” Satyameva jayate”…

Most probably he may be fearing Congress which appears to be supporting the one sided 498A bill.

He is hired by UNICIEF… now you know where the money is coming from.

There are cheap, self-esteem-less actors who is ready to say any lie in the media for money/publicity.

Excellent Prassoon Suryadas.

Either one of Amir khan’s wives should have faced violence from him. He should accept that and go to jail.

He may be forgiven for his DV against his wife but he will not be forgiven by the public for deceiving the country.

standard operating procedure
get people’s sympathy-by constantly jabbering about “the poor womenz”

I will share very soon..So don’t hate my “like” please :-)…Slain all the villains with help of greater thought force!!!

-Arvind K.Pandey

Amir khan is a criminal,he is spreading wrong messages to indian wife,he is just showing one side story on DV cases.he is a jocker doing it all for just money.

Intentionally hiding the obvious and presenting illegitimate and unscientific study indeed come under IPC 420

I cannot agree more with you…can you please write a book on this…ill fund in as much as possible…I wanted to, but unfortunately cannot at this point in time….the title “101 ways to destroy India”…its an ironical title…the book will explain exactly what you have written in this blog and so many other ways in which these forces are trying to destroy India…

India has turned on the self destruction switch… its just a matter of time!

Open chalenge, ask those womens husabnds who calim had faced domestic
violence , are they had not faced domestic violence?

I had allready challenged him the study he presented and lie to
nation, but he prefers to keep silence and hiding , do have have
honesty to a simply reply , that 50% women face physical violence by
their husabnds, where as in National Health survey it mentioned is 6%,
how he can make such lie and scripted and also surpise, he advocate
the hate to each other by endorsing a wife should slp to husband and
the same is not cirme, it will be termed as Self-defence, so tomorrow
all women should kill the husabnds as defence self defence.

As per the study the question is one sided with consideration wahtever
the women said to be termed as true, are they born in raja harish
chandra family?

Open challenge to him : Mr. Amir Kahn, you are the big lier , if you
do have answer and I ashamed people like you who promote the hate
speech in open televesion, at least Rakhi swahant show was is far far
better than you.

Disclose the Study to whome they asked question and then ask the same
question to thier husabnds, then publish the truth .
We had allready done the same and expose the 70% data earlier by UN
was false and fabricated . If they have at least 0.0001% honesty and
tranprence, let make the study by engaging both parnter Husabnds and
wife and then show the result, all over the world all study shows the
violence is not a gender issue, women are as violent as men , but in
india the violence done by women termed as brave work and the crime
done by them got scotr free, result all the husabnds killers very year
more than 56K as per crime bure data as moving freely in this country
and making such one sided , biased scripted view on nation TV and
promoting the hate speech and result more and more Domestic violence .
Make the law gender netural then comapre who get convected more men or
women, then only some direction or soution can be think, otherise, the
gender war and hate to each other they promoting is nothing but to
create more and more family disputes and creat huge father less child
Open chalenge, ask those womens husabnds who calim had faced domestic
violence , are they had not faced domestic violence?

Put that in a paper and send it to Star tv and Amir khan
Aamir Khan
11, Bela Vista Apts.,
Pali Hill,
Bandra (W),
Mumbai 400 050

Amir is not serious about this of his work. He is just doing what he best does – Acting 🙂 . He should be more honest about the reality/facts unlike others as he claims !

That is indeed correct. But the sad part is, how many in the public realize that?

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