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Grievance Regarding Press Council Complaint

Posted on: May 12, 2012

Indian tax payers spend a lot to run various councils just to give an impression to the public that we have a system to improve essential services. I was also of the impression that we have everything to fix the problems, but not many people are interested in spending their time and effort to do so. Everyone seems to have conditioned to do under the table activities to get their stuffs done and those expenditure on public entities are just a means for a few people to have lavish, easy and secured lifestyle at the cost of ordinary citizens. After dealing with the Press Council of India, I got a feeling that the willingness to improve, the morale to deliver quality service, the desire to develop a livable nation and to follow the stated mandate of the Council has stooped to a disastrous level of unparalleled magnitude.


The complaint that I gave regarding a news publication following all the procedures was handled in the most lousy manner. I’ve given the complaint in email on Sat,17 Mar 2012, and the next day hard copies in duplicates were also sent to the proper address. But none of these were returned with an acknowledgment, whatsoever. Almost two months later, on Mon,7 May 2012 I received an email saying your complaint is closed. I was not given a fair chance to make any sort of comments or deliberations. Neither I was given any indication about how to proceed further if I’m not convinced with the decision. By single-handedly closing the complaint, in my opinion, the council have put themselves in poor light, by not honoring the ethics of due process. This is to be considered a ruthless act of mockery of justice and demeaning the entire litigant population.


I’m glad to bring to your attention about the same article which was also published in Daily Mail and how Press Complaints Commission, UK is handling my complaint. More details are blogged at


It was extremely unhealthy approach by PCI to take escape of the clause, “no proceedings are pending in any court of law in respect of any matter alleged in the complaint” to close a case without applying its mind. Apparently, I strongly believe that all the allegations in the complaint were against the journalistic ethics and standards, not about the dispute which the said article talks about. The said complaint was questioning the fundamental aspects of journalism and if the council has failed to recognize it, then they have proven themselves to be a total fiasco and utter waste of tax money.


I’m copying this grievance letter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, to inquire into the matter whether or not this was a result of undercover activities by unscrupulous people. This is also copied to Law Commission of India for further recommendations for improvements in the Press Council Act itself, if necessary.


We do not want such commissions that do nothing but draw salary. Those who have dealt with government offices know how ineffective our system is and this is the ONLY reason why Jan Lok Pal movement is getting stronger. I here by request you to take further action on this.


This has been sent to

Smt. Vibha Bhargava,
Secretary/Director Grievance
Press Council of India
Soochana Bhawan, Phase IV,
8, C.G.O. complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi – 110 003.

Smt. Ambika Soni
Room No 560, A Wing Shastri Bhawan,
Dr Rajendra Prasad Road,
New Delhi-110001.

Dr. Brahm A. Agrawal,
Member Secretary
2nd Floor, The Indian Law Institute Building
(Opp. to Supreme Court),
Bhagwandas Road, New Delhi – 110 001.




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All democratic institutions in India are dead !

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