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Is Marriage Law Amendment as harmful as media projects?

Posted on: March 24, 2012

Not any different than usual, media is raising false alarm and creating chaos. From the surface it may appear to be a cheap attempt to attract more viewers. But those who have read the book “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays will think a few levels deeper, for sure. The effect of this news on society as a whole is obviously detrimental. It is a conscious attempt to dismantle the mutual trust between men and women in general and towards the institution of marriage in particular.

Most people do not bother to read the bill and figure out what it is all about. Those who are fueling this destruction of society is counting on that lazy attitude. No where in this bill it talks about property of husband. Neither it talks about any specific percentiles whatsoever. Another concern that people raise is about the chances of wicked women making marriage a business to grab the property of men. This is also too far away from the facts.

For any one of the spouse to move a divorce petition based on the new amendment, under section 13C(1) the primary condition is to have at least 3 years of continuous separation, which has to be proven with evidences. This is absolutely not similar to the “No Fault” divorce as in the west. Even if wife is forwarding the petition on that grounds, husband will get a chance to tell the court his side of the story. Section 13C(2) guarantees the prevention of abuse. Women cannot leave the matrimonial house just for the purpose of grabbing property. In the event of such a separation husbands can file petition for Restitution of Conjugal Rights and if wife is still not rejoining, that will make the husband’s part stronger when the matter reaches the court for divorce. Section 13D mandates the court to consider all the circumstances including conduct of the parties. More over the question of GRAVE financial hardship arises ONLY when women is respondent to such a petition, which means only when husband files petition under 13C(1), courts are mandated to eliminate the respondent’s hardship. Most important point to be noted is that, this way of elimination of financial hardship is not mandated to be out of husband’s wealth! Only the maintenance of children are mandated to be out of the parties’ wealth. Here the word “parties” definitely needs to be highlighted; in other words it should be out of both spouses’ income.

Generally speaking, this bill do not make any difference to men unless they want to utilize 13C(1). As far as women are concerned, they got one more option for divorce which is basically useless from a radical feminist stand point; just because it doesn’t empower them to rip off husbands. But of course it will help them to push the entire husband’s family into law suits, both of criminal and civil nature, and walk away from that relationship after 3 years.

At present, after men of Indian origin across the planet, have united against the conventional legal extortion tools like IPC 498a, CrPC 125, HMA 25, PWDVA etc, those unscrupulous women carrying criminal brains over their shoulders were forced to come to the negotiation table in order to find a logical end of their false allegation drama. This bill, when passed, will give such women a slight relief to get going with their new life. But that doesn’t mean all the doors are shut for men who have shown courage and determination to fight back. Changing the original highly destructive bill to a reasonably harmless bill pays off the hard work of those fighters. Kudos to you guys and many thanks to Mr.Veerapamoily.




5 Responses to "Is Marriage Law Amendment as harmful as media projects?"

P.S. Long run effect as the more and more cases will come out :
“Also this bill will have a disastrous effect on the marriageability of non-working or low income men/women – as all women/men would like to marry high income men/women now. Will the govt. take responsibility to get these low-income or no-income men/women marrage? How is this bill useful when it helps high income men/women while at the same time makes the low-income men/women un-marriageable? This bill infact is contrary to women’s and men’s welfare”
So,what to do ?
1. This is nothing but legal terrorism and to stop that the First think to make more and more awareness. So, highlight the danger to all LAW makers MP, Society and Friends. Always demand as per constitution every one is equal in front of law , so the word men/women must be replaced by person and husband/wife must be replaced by spouse.
2. Those are in LAW filed must start collected the LAW of other country of the world and be ready to fight in Supreme court. No country have such biased law in place.
3. Before marriage must engage a Lawyers.
4. Book a low cost Home in some Village area , so that in old age you can have a place to live.
5. The moment you feel any smell of any problem without any second thought dispose-off all your movable or immovable assets .
6. Minimum Saving after marriage , enjoy the life instead of work like donkey and one day die in Heart attack and left huge assets.
7.Come out from all the emotion , today marriage is no longer a emotional bond, all this male haters LAW makers make the marriage a emotionless simple Business deal and a easy money earning business for wrong people.
Warning to all Male Haters :
To grab the Husbands money/property you have made several law start from DP3, 498A, DV act, CRPC125, Section 24 and now this new HMA act, with the Principal all wives born in Raja Harish Chandra Family , never lie and all Husbands born in Criminal Family.
All the law the basic motive is how to grab the money and property from Husbands family with the logic women had suffered so long, so now it is turn to men to suffer.
But forget two wrong can’t make a right think. If women is suffering that is not due to husbands family , it is due to the girls at their own home had not given equal right and responsibility give to a boy, instead of correcting the same started putting all burden/blame to husbands family .
Do not forget more then 90% women who have a home in this country , they got from their husbands family , not from their own family, correct that first or the day the is not too far when we will be witness when a man will die, the bank will come and take over all his assets , which we witness in western country .
The day Indian Husbands will learn to live a life as Debit man than credit man and stop making any saving in property or in other assets , then only you all will realize the real contribution of Indian husbands for this society.
Do not take Indian husbands family in ride and stop promotion of Legal Extortion of their hard earned money/property, make the LAW gender neutral the word husband/wife must be replaced by the word spouse and the share should be equal both liability and claim in assets.

In my opinion this bill is for extortion of “Parents having daughters“; not “husbands” per se.
The point to highlight is that, there is no extra incentive to WIFE, (It has already covered in PWDVA) based on this amendment. The main reason why this bill got delayed for 2 years was the demand of Feminazis for half the property of husbands. Government has realized the unity of marginalized husbands and their growing power.

Hi Prasson,

I think there is already a Supreme Court Judgement indicating that a party who is by himself/herself at fault for deserting their partner cannot invoke the section 13C(1) for divorce. So in that way I think it is not at all going to be easy if a women just wants to get out of her marriage after pushing all husbands and his relatives into cases. And remember she still needs to wait for three years to get out of it and when she really tries to get out of it, it will be so very obvious that she is the one at fault and I really doubt if any judge will allow that. Isnt that a very hypothetical situation.

Parliament is the ultimate law maker. Since there is no such law at present, there is no question about sc ruling.

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