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Farmer enslavement project by Govt of Kerala

Posted on: December 24, 2011

Congress lead coalition government of Kerala, having a majority by ONE seat, is in a haste to get all the farmers “ear marked”! A project is underway to enforce all the farmers to register and provide all the information, including but not limited to,

1) Own Land

2) Leased Land

3) Crops they plant

4) Bank account

5) Existing loans

It is expected to complete the registration in Wayanad district with a lightning speed of one month; that means before farmers understand what is going on and before the cabinet fall apart! This is the same tactics played by the Congress government in the case of Aadhaar/UID project, where the UIDAI bill got rejected by the parliamentary standing committee.

For driving commercial vehicles we need to register and get drivers license; for practicing as doctor people should get registered with Indian Medical Association; Lawyers has to enroll in bar council; then what is wrong in getting farmers registered? Isn’t that what you are thinking about? Those professions directly affect the life of general public so badly if we do not enforce certain standards. What if a person who has partial blindness or some sort of physical disability becomes a commercial driver? What if someone who has no education do a surgery? Lawyers are not professionals like Chartered Accountants or Medical Representatives; they are officers of Courts appointed to help the court to run legal procedures smoothly, so that general public does not need to learn all the laws. This is why we have to enforce certain standards for them.

How about farmers? What exactly is the purpose of this earmarking? Is the government too much worried about providing subsidies to the right people? What could be the incentive that made these lousy departments run by lazy politicians and bureaucrats so duty bound to get this done so quickly? Who are the beneficiaries of this project?

Let’s imagine the “earmarks” are done; all farmers got in to the database. Then,

1) Everyone else who does farming with no “earmark” will be termed as ILLEGAL farmer. Oh yea, if you have some extra cucumbers in your backyard and you want to sell it to the local merchant, boy, you will be committing a crime! Those thousands of families who make both ends meet by selling milk will eventually be REQUIRED to get the license. Read it together with newly introduced Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, Food Safety and Standards Rules, 2011, Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011.
How long can we resist and block foreign retail investment? As and when this door is opened, you can expect more and more amendments to the rules and regulations in FSSA in the pretext of ensuring “higher standards” of food products offered by Wal-Mart, Carrefour and all those multi-brand, multinational monster retailers. This will indeed paralyze the domestic farmers and there by kicking them out of business.

2) Government (read, those who control government) will be able to decide the list of crops that a farmer is ALLOWED to farm. A cashew importer can lobby the politicians to add cashew to the FORBIDDEN list. Failing to obey this may result in cancellation of registration and further farming will invite legal proceedings, penalties and jail term.

3) Government (read, those who control government) will get the power to set the price of the produce, and also, farmers will loose their choice to whom to sell their yield. Failing to obey this may result in cancellation of the registration and further farming will invite legal proceedings, penalties and jail term. A classic example from current world is OPEC; price of the crude oil, how much to produce, who will produce are all decided by a handful of people sitting somewhere in a casino or on a beach resort. If Libya is producing more or is not agreeing to the “standards” or Iran is selling oil cheaper to China, they will get “handled” appropriately.

4) Banks can easily take over all the assets even in the case of a short delay in EMI payment.

5) We can expect, certain crops to be permanently in the FORBIDDEN list (in the pretext of xyz virus or whatever propaganda they may come up with) A classic example is the most recent E-coli virus hysteria, which was reportedly a propaganda against organic products fanned by World Health Organization controlled by globalists who seek monopoly and higher prices.

Think about a scenario where Wal-Mart wants to sell canned coconut paste imported from Thailand. People of India are not comfortable to use canned products and they are going after real raw coconuts. All they need to do is to wait for the next season of epidemics and spread a story of, say, “coco-li” virus followed with the entry of “Big Brother” revoking the registration of all coconut farmers in order to “protect” the people from the virus! May be this ban is for 5-6 months; but by that time Wal-Mart will capture the market and put those small farmers out of business. Not to mention that, banks will take away the land in no time and that will make the story complete.

Now you know how registration helps to bring subsidy to poor farmers! It is all about total control, nothing more or nothing less. Before we welcome foreign companies it is recommended to spare a moment and recollect that East India Company was also a “foreign company”.



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