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Severe misogyny and trivial misandry

Posted on: November 19, 2011

No explanation is needed for the word ‘Misogyny’, isn’t it? It is the hatred or dislike of women or girls and is well known to even those who are not proficient in English language. But, ask someone having M.Phil in English literature about the meaning of “misandry”. More likely you won’t get any answer. It is the hatred or dislike of men or boys. Even though all the media, print, visual or internet, are widely engaged in this activity to the extent that they cannot even survive without it, how did this word become so unpopular? Out of curiosity I started tracking the Google search results since the beginning of year 2011. Here is what I found.

You may not even notice that tiny blue bars of misandry! How did this activity of misandry become a social norm? If you have any answer please post some comments for the benefit of all.

Today, on the occasion of International Men’s Day, let’s take an oat to quit misandry and work together to throw some light on the bad effects in the society because of misandry. It has influenced our judicial system, law makers and law enforcement departments alike, resulting in gross human rights violation of absolutely innocent men, at the same time encouraging the so called fairer sex to commit crime against men.

An MLA from Karnool in Andra Pradesh, T.G Venkatesh is running a campaign to encourage wives to beat their alcoholic husbands. He is offering Rs.1000 per hit and has already distributed prizes for 210 women. Is alcoholism an offense? Do alcoholics need abuse or therapy aimed at improving neurocognitive function?

A 20 year old girl from Kerala was recent caught by police for giving kisses over phone to fire-force crews. The number 101, is free and her cell phone call logs shows about 450 calls in less than two weeks period, police said. Well, before getting in to the outcome of this act, let’s think about what would have been the outcome if it was a 20 year old guy who called women officers? You guessed it right; he would have landed in jail for harassing women, might have paid a huge sum penalty or even get third degree treatment from the moral polices and official polices. Wouldn’t it? But in this case, this 20 year old girl was set free after giving a ‘warning’!

In another occasion, Times of India reported on 16th of nov 2011 that a woman who abused a magistrate hearing her case, the Delhi high court has dropped contempt of court proceedings against her. High Court said that a harried woman with a disturbed married life required succor and judicial remedy from courts and not the sword of contempt.

Where as Gujarat High Court levied a penalty of 2 lakhs to one Mr Dasharath Devda for filing a public interest litigation suit to address the gross misuse of Domestic Violence Act, which is badly affecting a large number of innocent people across the nation.

This kind of decisions taken merely on the basis of gender is sure not setting a standard that any Indian citizen can be proud of. Apparently it diminishes the respect towards this establishment and the lowers the confidence of the people in seeking justice before the court of law.

The point that I’m trying to make here is, all gender biased substandard judgments are the direct output of misandry. Let me remind again to take the oath to spread awareness about this nauseating practice and help making a change. The graph above gives us a little bit of hope as the numbers are gradually growing because of the resistance created by men’s rights activists.

Spare some time to visit and read the book “Equality for Men – Myth or Reality”. Also spread the word to as many people as you can.


2 Responses to "Severe misogyny and trivial misandry"

Well written article… Good Job Mr Prassoon Suryadas.

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