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Response to KV Mathew, Director of Akshaya Kerala State IT Mission

Posted on: August 17, 2011

Akshaya is going to undertake this UID project in Kerala. Unlike other government departments, this State IT Mission is an outsourced one; just the way Mc Donald’s, KFC or Café Coffee Day sell franchises. In other words Keralites are going to give their sensitive personal data to private entrepreneurs.  I have no idea how many franchises does those babu’s relatives and friends own.

Deccan Chronicle also published his article in which he brags about the benefits of UID and also condemns the civil/privacy rights activists.

Here is my response to all of the questions posted by Mr, Korath V. Mathew in Deccan Chronicle.  His comment is available here.

Is UID going to be a game changer?

Yes, UID is indeed a game changer. Numbering every citizen will change the game of government from ‘SERVANT’ to ‘MASTER’, from Democracy to Fascism, from Representatives to Authorities, from Republic to Oligarchy, from Liberty to Slavery.

The answers to following questions are a revelation of the impending transformation.

1. Is UID ubiquitous?

Yes, it will be with you from the time of birth to your grave. You are born in a prison where you are made accountable for every action; every move you make you will be under surveillance, everything you do is at the mercy of your Lord, your Master; The Government. You are treated as a criminal before you commit a crime. You are forced to give evidence for the crime that you are going to commit in the future. Your existence is at the mercy of the Government.
2. Will every Indian citizen having UID be able to prove his identity any time, anywhere in India?

Yes. You are NOT born free. You have to PROVE your existence on this planet to the Government; otherwise you are not allowed to live. Your existence will get constantly double-checked when you want to eat, when you want to work, when you want to travel, when you want to play and at every point in your daily life.
3. Is it possible for anyone to get two passports, birth certificate or any duplicate certificates in one name or somebody’s name?

No. But once your data is in the database and available to the BABUS/hackers, they can use it to get ONE passport ONE certificate ONE birth certificate or anything that you might need but you haven’t gotten it yet. The RACE starts now… is that you or the BABUS/hacker, who is going to get it first?
4. Is it possible for somebody to impersonate?

No. Don’t you know that we have state of the art cutting edge technology implemented all over India? Everywhere you go, what ever service you want to get they will validate your UID number against your thumb impression and iris scan INSTANTANIOUSLY to cross check that it is YOU, not anyone else. If there is no power that’s electricity departments problem; if there is no network that’s ISP’s problem, UIDAI has nothing to do with other departments.
5. Is it possible for anyone to operate bank accounts in another person’s name?

No. Don’t ask stupid questions. When you do online banking you have to send scanned images of 10 fingers, iris and other organs so that the system can double check its YOU, not anyone else!  BTW its better you change the passwords occasionally; most banks force you to change it every now and then for some crazy reasons. For UID you don’t have that hassle!!! You got the point? What about offline banking? UIDAI is going to equip all the banks with devices that scan all your organs and ensure that its YOU. All the banks have already networked to UIDAI central database and all the 1.2billion people will get authenticated instantaneously. Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about NASA, I’m talking about INDIA!
6. Will the transactions and bank accounts of one individual be interlinked?

Yes. You are under constant surveillance. If a future government is saying you cannot do multiple transactions a day then you can’t. If they impose a transaction tax then you will pay that too. You will be allowed to do what the Government decides, which may be good for you may be not. Why don’t you take a chance?
7. Will a UID enabled banking system be deterrence to black money generation?

Yes. I heard that SWISS bank is asking UID to open account. Are they kidding?
8. Is every citizen who has a UID be safe from impersonation and misuse of his identity?

Yes. If that happens then YOU cease to exist! If someone makes a passport (under the table or fake), with your data which you already gave then YOU cease to exist. The other person will become YOU. On the contrary, if that other person does some criminal activities with that passport then at the time of interrogation there is no question about impersonation, because the system knows that it is YOU.
9. Can anyone impersonate and break through a UID mandatory security system?

No, because we don’t have any such system yet. And even if it exists we don’t expect it to work. If that works we don’t expect that there will be electricity, if both works we don’t expect the network to work. It will be rare to see all the things working together and during that short interval it will be hard to break through that security system.
10. Can a UID based security system ensure a safer tomorrow?

Yes. If that works! If we have uninterrupted power system, if we have uninterrupted high bandwidth networks, if we have vigilant support and back up systems to tackle failures, if we have disaster management and recovery systems, if we have efficient employees who come to work on time and don’t go home early, who do not slack, if we have top class management; Tomorrow never dies, Lets hope for the best and get the UID immediately before someone else make one in your name!

Please post the letter to the prime minister.

Protest Letter to PM

UID Cartoon /Caricature PDF format

Public awareness notice in Malayalam.

Sign Facebook Petition here


4 Responses to "Response to KV Mathew, Director of Akshaya Kerala State IT Mission"

all the support to our director and akshaya project

People like you were responsible for over 400 years of slavery!!!!

Dear Soordas,

People like you will be responsible for the next 400 years of slavery.

IHO – Idiot of the Highest Order.

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