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Stop numbering people like prisoners!

Posted on: June 27, 2011

Central Jail, India

Almost all the successful civilizations on this planet were engineered by one or the other religions and all of them were fine tuned for the betterment of society as a whole. Now the trend has changed; knowingly or unknowingly people are allowing corporations to do the social engineering, where ethics are “Assets” and their dogma is “Profit”. In other words, the ultimate aim to improve harmony between one another, added security to ones life liberty and property, assurance of basic needs to all citizens have all painted as “old fashioned” and obsolete.

Now corporate media is engaged in PR job for the Unique Identification (UID) system. Note that they are mirroring only the “pros”? Aren’t there any “cons” at all in numbering people like prisoners? As per union government notification, this is a 10 digit number given for every Indian Citizens. This will be associated to basic information like name and address, biometric data like eye ball scans and finger prints. They claim that biometric information will help millions of people who don’t have address proof. [Praise the lord; they are aware that millions are homeless!] Very soon, all the post offices across the nation will have this ‘service’. Photographs and biometric data will be added progressively to make the identification foolproof.

So what are the “great” benefits offered by the big brother, The Government, for those homeless people? Officials say it will come in handy for opening bank accounts, booking tickets on the Internet and other purposes. UID would facilitate the citizens in easy verification, availing of government or private services, help welfare programs reach intended beneficiaries and for serving as basis for e-governance. Stop laughing, hey they are dead serious! Don’t you know that millions of Indian citizens are living happily with government welfare? Don’t tell me that it’s a joke!

Let me tell you, this is only the initial phase; spare a moment and think about the second phase, third phase and the phases after that… Gradually all of your personal data will be associated to this “prisoner_ID”, your profession, election id, driving license, passport, pan, ration card, religion, caste, height, weight, number of relatives, your income, bank balance, credit cards, your buying habits, hobbies and the list will never end… IBM had once made such a database for German government which was later taken over by the Nazi’s and people haven’t forgotten yet what did they do with that! Do you want to live like a prisoner? Do you want to live like a slave of the Government, the Ruling elites, the babus and corporations?

There might be some people who think it helps governance, stop terrorism and the data will remain within the Government network. They may read this report by Washington Post about the Social Security Number (SSN) in USA,

Introduced in the 1930s as a way to track individuals for taxation purposes, Social Security numbers were never designed to be used for authentication. Over time, however, private and public institutions began keeping tabs on consumers using the numbers, requiring people to present them as proof of identity, such as when applying for loans, new employment, or health insurance.

In USA, ssn numbers are needed, precisely, for anything and everything that you do. Some companies might ask only last four digits of SSN. Most of us do not notice that they have already asked your first name, last name and quite often date of birth too. Their systems are intelligent enough to find your SSN based on that much information! Later if you make any dues in payment, may be because you are laid off, your credit history gets screwed up. Next time when your new employer does a background check you will be on poor light.

My concern is not just about the security of the data but about the need of this system itself. Does the UID add any value to the fight against terrorism? Even though we have traced the masterminds of Mumbai attack and various other terror attacks beyond reasonable doubt, did anything happen?!!! It is our tax money getting spent on this project; a project designed only to help corporations (help corporations to screw you) and zero benefits to the people of India. The UID numbering scheme whitepaper itself says

Since it is likely that increasingly the UID will be used by several service providers (government agencies, private institutions and NGOs) it is important for a resident to be able to remember it in the absence of a token such as a card.

• I face 500% more threat to my life on Indian roads than from the terrorists supported by politicians! What we need is more roads to accommodate the exploding population.

• Our soaring infant mortality rate (49.13 per 1000 live births) [china is 16.6, USA is 6.8] is more dangerous than the security threat orchestrated by politicians

• Our contagious viral fevers take more lives every year than by the terrorists supported by politicians.

• 1000s of people are dying everyday without food medicine and shelter. What they need is medicines food and shelter, not UID.

• Life of a detainee is extremely insecure because of official custodial torture. What they need is more security from the government thugs not from the terrorists supported by politicians!

• 1000s of women are getting groped in horrendously crowded public transports. What they need is more public transportation facilities, not UID.

• Every 9 minutes one married man is committing suicide. What they need is security from political goons who passes draconian family breaking laws.

The list goes on… You decide, what is the need of the hour?

In Lok Sabha, Minister of State in the Ministry of Planning and Parliamentary Affairs Shri. V.Narayanasamy answered “Not in the knowledge of UIDAI.” for the question “whether any State Government or Groups have opposed the implementation of UIN

Why any of the political parties that you stand by didn’t oppose this? Did the government pass any bill for this? Are they all political pimps selling their mother land to International Banking cartel? Wake up ladies and gentlemen, nip it from the bud. Spread the word and make people aware of the facts; Shut down Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Multinational corporations are securing their business interests at the cost of your tax money. It has nothing to do with security of your life; Oh yes, it has a lot to do with your liberty!!!


4 Responses to "Stop numbering people like prisoners!"

Prasoon, I dont think the government ever said that UID is to fight poverty.

Thanks for the comment. Sir, do you think the public distribution system is meant for the middle class and rich?


Outstanding article and pretty true perspective. General public’s mind has been so tuned and channeled to think, adapt and work on the basis of the so called News Papers (biases) and TV’s that we have completely stopped using brains. The result we are always crying because we did not take the step at The right time. Thanks again. Your article showers true warnings on UID and our elite mocks. Let’s pass On our views Since our state gov’s failed due to lack of interest in us. God bless.

When i talked to one guy about the New World Order, what he said is “It ain’t gonna happen in my life time”!!! See how much people value freedom and the future of their kids!

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