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Is “Boy preference” a brain product of CFR?

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Council on foreign relations (CFR), Trilateral commission, Builderburg etc are owned and run by a tiny group of power hungry global elite’s occult society who are pushing for “New World Order”; a way to enslave global population and take control of global resources. The aim is to have a world government, global currency, global taxes, etc while sovereign nations and their Constitutions will get zero value and recognition!. Using political, financial and media influence, this secret society has become powerful enough to orchestrate “global issues“, like global warming to enforce carbon tax; war on terror to project the need of global governance; international violence against women act to facilitate global army to cross national boundaries for no apparent military reasons; UN resolution R2P (Responsibility To Protect) and NATO are successful implementations of this secret agenda. We witnessed this drama in oil rich Iraq and Libya which we didn’t see in the cases of Palestine, Srilanka, Somalia, Kashmir and other places having social unrest!

No one knows clearly about what the operations of these organizations are. “Alternate-media” reported that the Builderburg annual meeting was held last weekend in St. Moritz, Switzerland. This four day meeting was attended by about 120 global elites of which the new attendees include co-founder of Facebook, the executive chairman of Google; the co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn; the founder and CEO of! You will be shocked to know about other attendees mentioned in and (Run by Alex Jones). Is that a sign of hijacking the social professional and online trade networks; Are we heading towards 24/7 surveillance online and offline? This secret meeting is the most recent pointer to the existence of “Shadow World Government”. Mainstream media refused the existence of such a group for over 5 decades and now they started giving explanations how good, harmless and helpful these gatherings are.

What surprised me this morning is, the news that came out in Financial Times titled “Unnatural Selection“. I thought how come picking shares or options would go against the nature? How come finance goes unnatural? Apparently, the article is talking about “Boy Preference” in some Asian countries! Holy Cow! What could be the interest of Financial Times to report about Family issues? Are they running out of business news or are they reporting new opportunities for business? My curiosity vanished when I came to know about the author/reviewer. Yes, it is a CFR guy! (I’ve mentioned about what CFR is up to in one of my previous article.)

The very same article brags about the ratio of 105 where scientific studies say that number of males greater than girls is a natural phenomenon. Anyone who got elementary education knows that the chances of survival of a male foetus are way less than a female foetus. It makes a lot of sense to believe that due to advanced medical science now that we cut down the infant mortality rates the number of males should go way more than 105. Now the question that I would like CFR to answer is that, why is the number of boys way less than 105 in economically advanced nations in the west? Is that due to “Girl Preference“?

5 Responses to "Is “Boy preference” a brain product of CFR?"


See the link I posted before. See the name of the person who coined the term ‘Missing women’. A connection to ‘hungry elite’ emerges.


Sandeep – Generally people see only one or two dots… They are in their own little world. Their mind is like a dark room which is closed for several decades. But the good thing is that, in order to bring light to that room, we do not need to lit a candle for that many decades.

Well written truth revealing article.

Guys should learn from the spirit of sluts… i mean “Slut walk”

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