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Emirates do listen to customer complaints…

Posted on: May 29, 2011

I’m sure there are plenty of air travelers who lose their baggage or their belongings on their vacation trip or their busy business schedules; and most of them do not bother to bring this to the attention of concerned officers either due to lack of time or interest. This lack of interest may be due to the unpleasant behavior of the officers too. A wide majority of those passengers don’t even know what to do and they silently bear the loss. What ever the reasons are, it only leads to one thing; “Encouraging the thieves”.

This article is about my personal experience on my vacation trip from USA to Kochi, India in February 2011. My checked in baggage was break open and some of my belongings were stolen. Items that I lost were brand new which I bought to give as gifts to my family. This shows that who ever the thieves are they are doing it to resell not for their own use.

I came to know about this robbery only after reaching home. Since I had to fly to Delhi in next couple of days I decided to give complaint during that trip as it is the same airport (Cochin International Airport) which I’m going to hit. The attitude and approach of terminal manager was very encouraging and he also insists me to give complaint to police and to the flight company (Emirates). (Here is the copy of that complaint) The baggage handling is done by the flight companies themselves and not the airport staffs, he said. In this case Emirates is using contract workers to do this particular job. He continued, “I’m surprised to see this complaint because 2 months ago we have caught some of those staffs red handed for stealing and the entire team had got replaced with women staffs”. My immediate comment was, “Sir how can you ensure that women don’t steal?” That question was left unanswered.

Later I approached Emirates office and though there were some hiccups in accepting the complaint they agreed to look into the matter. Online purchases helped me produce the invoices in a matter of few minutes. I have to forward the complaint to the head office in Bangalore and headquarters in Dubai to make it move faster. (Here is the copy of the complaint) On my return trip after 2 weeks the information I got from Emirates office was they are investigating the matter. After returning back to USA I lodged a complaint with Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement. Even though they do NOT mediate the complaints they will log the complaint and forward it to the concerned airlines. All those data will be used for annual reports and ratings of a particular airline operating in USA. The complaint forms and all required information are available online.

Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20590

I claimed compensation for the loss of about $300 worth materials. Emirates allowed $283.44 and the check for the same amount came in my mail box on May 28th, 2011. I had to sign this claim settlement form which they emailed me upfront.


5 Responses to "Emirates do listen to customer complaints…"

I was travelling From Colombo to London via Dubai with my Wife, 5 year old son and 5 month Old baby. My luggage allowance was not enough to check-in all the luggages. But I had plenty of hand luggage allowance to cover everything. But the check-in staff in Colombo didnt permit to use the hand luggage allowance to use in check-in allowance. Even though we were stuggling a lot with the crying baby he didnt give a single Kg extra in the check-in allowance. He only permitted the 100kg which we had. I was forced to carry 3 hand luggages during the entire journey because my have to carry the baby. The emirate stafff’s name who didnt show any mercy for our situation is “Damith Attanayake”. I will never ever fly with emirates which does not have any humanity towards its passengers.

I have Emirates Skywords Card and number is 266740913.I travelled from Calcutt–>Durai–>Zurich on 28th November 2011 and return on 2nd/3rd Dec.No points are given against this travel.Can you update the statement by incorporating the points for above travel?
Arun Kanti Samanta

Did you make any effort to let the customer care know about this? If yes, what was their response?

That is rare. Emirates generally is a good airline, but there are many flyers having umpteen complaints on the poor customer service. Lucky you!

I had to give complaints in 3 countries to get this done lol 🙂
But no doubt that emirates is top class flight.

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