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Kerala DGP issued circular on arrest; CrPC Amendment 41(a)

Posted on: April 2, 2011

Applications under Right To Information Act are finding great success in making the Government work faster and efficiently. Here is the circular issued by Director General of Police, Kerala, (after subsequent requests through RTI) with regard to compulsorily issuing a notice from 3rd November, 2010 onwards, as per Section 41A of CrPC Amendments 2008 and amended Section 41A of CrPC Amendments 2010.


4 Responses to "Kerala DGP issued circular on arrest; CrPC Amendment 41(a)"

Now all the police stations should be checked for confirmity to this circular, another RTI to DGP itself would suffice, may be after 1 month. That will be the time when they will take this circular seriously, need to repeat this confirmity RTI every 2 months or so, so that they know that there’s someone policing the police now!

Gr8 news…..Keep up the good work…We need to nail this racket to ground zero…..It is not only a legal terrorism………….it is legal prostitution sponsored by NCW and its gr8 old chair person. God bless NCW and its chairperson. Let Ms G VYAS n NCW racket decide the rate for number of nights wife spends with husband and what is the deal for final settlement!

This is excellent, I wish other states will also issue such circular, because most other States are not aware of this ammandment and arrests are still being made!

Even after the amendment and the circular, arrests are going on as usual but no one has the nerve to confront the police. They fear that if they do so, it may invite more charges! Ok if that is the case then why not question them after the charge sheet if filed and police is out of the picture? Any takers… yet to see… Things have never changed in the past, unless people come out of their rat holes and fight back.

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