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Open letter to Members of Parliament

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Honorable Member of Parliament,

Do you believe in the institution of marriage and a family having both father and mother along with their kids under one roof? If you don’t, please ignore this letter and kindly accept my apologies for spoiling your “valuable” time.


As per news paper reports DIVORCE RATES have increased many-fold in the last two decades marking 600 percent rise in Kerala and Delhi termed as Capital. 66 percent of American divorces are initiated by women, while it rises to 80-85 percent in India. As an extremely concerned citizen of India I’m bringing up the matter to your kind attention so that, you as a responsible member of the parliament can make better decisions for greater governance.


Though I endorse the importance of women empowerment I strongly disagree to blindly follow, by choice or under pressure, the western policies designed by and for the industrialists. Probably you are not aware that most major women organizations in America were funded by Rockefeller Foundation who claims in their website, “By funding a strategic mix of organizations, institutions, and projects; the Foundation is fostering smart globalization.” Most feminist “Women Studies” funding comes from big foundations like Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Foundation etc and of course USAID, UNIFEM and UN.

While trying to recruit Aaron Russo to CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Nicholas Rockefeller told that his family foundation created women’s liberation using mass media control. Interview with Aaron Russo is available on YouTube. I would recommend you to do some study on CFR and TC (Trilateral Commission) and also the international bankers like Rockefeller and Rothschild family to understand their power and how evil they are. To keep the long story short, they are the master brain behind CFR, TC, EU, “Builderberg” etc. Reports say, this secret society’s ultimate aim is to establish a “New World Order” to enslave the global population.


Behind the façade of “women’s rights”, Feminism teaches that heterosexual roles (wife, mother etc) are socially constructed by MEN and oppressive to WOMEN. This underscores the fact that feminism was created to destabilize the society and undermine the institution of family. Aaron Russo says, the two key reasons given by Nicholas Rockefeller were


  • Before women’s lib we couldn’t tax half of the population
  • Can indoctrinate kids in school at early ages. When there is no male figure in the family, kids start seeing the State as their family who provide and protect.

American feminist icon Gloria Steinem, (an ex CIA agent) proudly claims in one of her own books that CIA funded Ms Magazine with the stated goal of breaking up the families and taxing women. (Divide and conquer policy)


Nearly one in three American children is living with a parent who is divorced, separated or never-married. A study by the Pew Research Center highlights rapidly changing notions of the American family where 4 in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete in US.


Years after the so called ‘feminist movement’, now America is facing the consequences. President Mr. Barack Obama on father’s day is calling for stable families. He adds


  • Children who live without fathers are 5 times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime
  • They are 9 times more likely to drop out of school
  • They are 20 times more likely to end up in prison.
  • They are more likely to have behavioral problems or run away from home.
  • They are more likely to become teen parents


The foundations of our community and our country are weaker because of these. We need families to raise our children. We need another parent in the home. That’s what keeps the foundation strong. That’s what keeps the foundation of our country strong.” – Barack Obama


Indoctrinating the whole generation using mass media with absurd and ludicrous ideologies crafted by and for the industrialists, coupled with draconian family laws, it has almost become impossible for a man to live with a woman in USA. The outcome is more spending and more tax revenue. Watch MTV program “Sixteen and Pregnant” to understand the real state of affairs of the so called empowered liberated women in America. Most states in USA do not even reveal the real statistics about divorce! Apparently, the Census Bureau, too, is planning to incorporate broader definitions of family when measuring poverty, a shift caused partly by recent jumps in unmarried couples living together.


I know Indian situation cannot be compared with USA but my point is, it’s only a matter of less than 15years to get there, if we follow the same path. Indian media has already started trying its best to bring social acceptance for live-in relationships by publishing misleading reports of Supreme Court judgment and by highlighting film stars who live together without marriage, as role models. People are aware that India government has not started keeping records of divorce yet, but we know it from the statistics of existing draconian laws, that how many families are getting broken down every year. [Source: NCRB]


This is based on the number of cases registered under section 498a of IPC and the fact of the matter is that in each of these cases there is an AVERAGE of 5 accused and the RANSOM asked AVERAGES TO 30 LAKHS!!!


Note that these graphs do not include any of the cases filed under Domestic violence Act or various other maintenance laws. There is no need to emphasis that once the court room enters bedroom, that’s the end of the marriage. In India more MEN are committing suicide due to family problems than women, with an alarming rate of 65:35 (Men : Women) [Source: NCRB].

This might appear appealing to those who believe it is women empowerment; but they fail to understand that this way of marginalizing men through one sided laws will soon, rather than later, force men to back off from running a family to avoid legal, mental, social, physical and financial harassment and also for the well being of age old parents.


Pattern is pretty much the same as it was implemented in the USA; enacting highly discriminatory laws against men, huge incentive for breaking the marriage in the form of alimony child support maintenance etc, media getting paid to give social acceptance for live-in relationships! The message is loud and clear and the master brains are essentially the same and we know how deep the rabbit hole is. All I want to ask you is that, do you have the courage and will power to disrupt dismantle and destroy this industrialist game plan, so as to Save Indian Family and uphold the real essence of democracy?



Today is international men’s day and I’m requesting answers from you for 10 questions

  • Women get equal education and more privileges than men. Then why are husbands legally forced to carry wives and even previous partners financially?
  • If husband ask money from wife it is termed as dowry and has made a crime. Why is it called Alimony and has made a ‘right’, if wife does the same?
  • Adultery is legal for wives; Why are men jailed for the same act?
  • If mother takes away kid, courts say kid needs mother. Why are fathers jailed for child abduction if he does the same?
  • If women dress like hookers, its liberation; If men show any sort of slightest sexual interest why is it called sexual harassment?
  • Why are men taxed more than women for the same pay?
  • Why are men banned from contesting in panchayat/municipal elections in certain constituencies?
  • Why men are denied protection under Domestic Violence Act and Sexual Harassment at workplace Bill?
  • Why do we hear ONLY about 8,000 legally PRESUMED dowry deaths per year, but not the soaring maternal mortality rate of 540 per 100,000? (China=55, Srilanka=60, USA=8)
  • Why do women child and animals have ministries but not one for men?


As a citizen of India I here by put forward the following demands for your kind consideration:

1.      All the general laws and special acts be made gender neutral in true compliance with Article 14 of The Constitution of India to establish equality before law, including but not limited to, Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) and Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill. All occurrences of word “he/she” be replaced with “person” and all occurrences of word “wife/husband” be replaced with “spouse

2.      Implement complete judicial reforms including but not limited to make erring judges accountable.

3.      Establish National Commission for Men and boys

4.      Establish Ministry of Men and family Development.

5.      Remove the ban on men to contest in panchayat and municipal elections that has been imposed in certain constituencies so as to maintain free and fair elections, one of the basic principles of democracy.

6.      Repeal or amend outdated and socially unfit laws. The following are some of the suggestions:-

Section/ Act Reason
IPC 498(a) Rampant misuse of this section has already been recognized by the Supreme court, President and parliament. Since the enactment of Dowry Prohibition Act not even a single person has been ever convicted for giving dowry. It is prudent to believe there is no dowry harassment in the present society and it has become an open secret that this section is been used only for blackmailing and extortion and therefore needs to be repealed.
Dowry Prohibition Act Since enactment not even a single person has ever been convicted for giving dowry which shows this Act is no longer needed in 21st Century
IPC 497 Adultery has been given legal recognition after the enactment of PWDVA through women’s right to maintenance and residence from the man who is engaged in the said act and therefore needs to be repealed
IPC 494 Since PWDVA ensures all the rights of married women to the live-in and sex partner’s, bigamy law has no relevance any more.
IPC 383, 384, 385, 386, 387, 388, 389 Legislator has given legal status to extortion of men through PWDVA, CrPC 125, Hindu Marriage Act Sec 24, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act sec 19 regardless of the earnings or earning potential of women. IPC498a is been used solely for extortion and courts are pushing for out-of-court “settlement” too. Under these circumstances these sections should either be repealed or the word “person” be amended to “woman”.
IPC 361 India Govt has set up special entities called Family Courts to ensure fathers have no custody of their own kids. More over personal law has already been amended to include mother as guardian. Therefore Kidnapping from lawful guardianship sounds odd. This section should either be repealed or the word “Whoever” should be replace with “Any man”; also “lawful guardian” should be replace with “female guardian” to avoid mockery of legal system.
IPC 304B. Since 1961 India Govt has no records to support the existence of dowry practice. Therefore it is prudent to believe that there is no dowry death too. If it all there exists any unnatural death that could be for some other reason and can also be husband. Redefine it as “Unnatural Spousal Death” to include protection for husbands as well.
IPC 312, 313, 315, 316 NCW along with Women and Child Ministry often complain about huge amount of female feticide and female infanticide, but we don’t have even miniscule amount of convictions under these sections, which means either these laws are ineffective or what NCW & WCD claim is wrong. Therefore these sections need to be repealed or amended in order to avoid its misuse by disgruntled women who want to wreck vengeance on husband and in laws.
IPC 354 Outraging the modesty of women has been commercialized through monetary reliefs in PWDVA and Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill. Therefore punishment under this section is mockery of Indian justice system and should be addressed accordingly.

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Being an civilized citizen we have certain quantum of moral and have rich culture in our blood we all know vary well right and wrong we are not greedy we are responsible civilized human, not a lire, just because of discord/or different minds wave of length. Not hook us like chicken. Do inquire before hang. CAW /POLICE ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB. IT IS A MONEY MAKING MACHINE WITH OUT ANY SALE.



Being an civilized citizen we have certain quantum of moral and have rich culture in our blood awe all know vary well right and wrong we are not greedy we are responsible civilized human, not a lire, just because of discord/or different minds wave of length. Not hook us like chicken. Do inquire before hang. CAW /POLICE ARE NOT DOING THEIR JOB. IT MONEY MAKING MACHINE WITH OUT ANY SALE.



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