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Nazis Vs Feminazis

Posted on: September 27, 2010





Killed human beings

Keep Killing the TRUTH.


Declared war against the rest of the world

Running war against Men.


Raped several women

Raping the institution of family, entire democratic system
and even the concept of statistics.


Supported the evil

Support the vicious women who make false allegations and
ignore women over 45.


Believe in biological Racism

Believe in female sexism


Believe in supremacy of an Aryan master race

Believe in female Favoritism and Sympathetism.


Claimed that Jews were the greatest threat to Aryan Race.

Claim that MEN are the greatest threat to Women.


To rescue themselves from Great Depression they promoted
an economy which was neither Capitalist nor Communist. They blamed these isms
for being associated with Jews’ interests.

To rescue themselves from the so called Great “Oppression”
they demand a system which is neither Capitalist nor Communist or Socialist.
They accuse these systems for being associated with interests of MEN. Their
demand is for Feminist System. Where they want 50% reservation with no regard
to merits and also the right to claim General category, low tax for same pay
and more and more special privileges under law.


Members of Nazi Party identified themselves as National
Socialists; rarely as NAZIS

Members of Feminazis identified
themselves as Feminists; rarely as femiNAZIS.


M.W. Fodor wrote in The Nation in 1936, "No
race has suffered so much from an inferiority complex as has the German.
National Socialism was a kind of Coué method of converting the
inferiority complex, at least temporarily, into a feeling of

I underscore, No generation has suffered so much from Androphobia as the current. Feminism is a Coue method of
converting the false feeling of victimhood, at least temporarily, into a
feeling of superiority.


5 Responses to "Nazis Vs Feminazis"

You OBVIOUSLY have NO clue whatsoever of who a feminist is. You are blinded by forsaken baseless notions. Please read up facts and definitions before you start abusing people.

@Prassoon , what about false rape cases and sexual abuse cases what have been proved false after months of investigation? I can remember many such cases where allegation proved false but no punishment has been meted out to lying women . prassoon i have that entire list I sent tit to Times Of India but they didn’t publish .
last year TOI reported 20% of all rape cases have been proved false.
conviction rate is 20% in India one of the lowest in the world .feminist will bark justice denied but the truth, however, is most cases are false either exaggeration or taken at a face value.
back in July , the game of Hockey had been rocked by series of sexual harassment allegation but what most of you didn’t notice 16 other girls , who have been training with the accuser girl rubbished the allegation giving clean chit to the coach -akin to he mever misbehaved with any of the girls .
female wrestler sonika kaliraman tried to frame charge against her coach alleging sexual harassment after being dropped out of the team whereas her teammates rubbished the allegation saying it’s maliciouse and frame up
german woman who back in 2008 cried rape by an Indian confessed she didn’t remember being raped when the accused had already spent 3 years in jail.
Two dutch women who cried rape also changed their statements of rape but no one punished now I would like to know what do you think ?

Zico, that’s why we need sexual intimidation law.. (please find my other article here)

Hello prassoon, what about Feminazis= Gender-Taliban
Victim artist= Barkha Datt NDTV24\7
please see this

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