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IPC 498a Progress Report

Posted on: September 18, 2010

Here is the progress report of India’s most controversial law, IPC section 498a, which a few people say was made with good intention, but most people say it was intended to uproot the family system and to establish and legitimize short term live-in relationships. This section of IPC had been rampantly misused by well educated disgruntled and vicious women to blackmail, extort and harass husband and his entire family when marriage doesn’t go as per their expectation.

Ministry of Home Affairs had send advisories to the State governments several times in the past to curb this menace. Supreme Court had cautioned Central Govt several times and now it has given standing instructions to the law ministry to revise this draconian law. Think about the extra burden on judiciary and imagine how much tax money is getting wasted every year!

The data is obtained from national crime records bureau through application under Right to Information Act 2005 .

Individual State Wise Report


Individual Union Territory Wise Report


7 Responses to "IPC 498a Progress Report"

Long and exact feared picture of AP has come up.

Excellent report and looks verygood going to take care of Andhra Pradesh.

Shankar Reddy

We gotta undo the damages made by feminazis.

Hi PS, Can you mail me the table/data for total number of 498a cases in Goa over the available years of NCRB data?. Regards , Gokul(SIF-Goa chapter plans)

its in your inbox (yahoo)

Very nice analysis.

498a IPC is the most of abused law of the world.

Thanks for the information.

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