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Girls face 8 times more violence from Mother than MIL – NFHS Survey

Posted on: September 6, 2010

The National Family Health Survey’s third report (available at has some interesting statistics to share. It was a survey done on 30000 women from different parts of India and social strata. It was revealed that in the age range of 15-49, it is the mother of the woman who perpetrates more violence on her rather than her MIL.

International studies have also proved that daughters-in-law are programmed to hate their mothers-in-law. When the relation is onset with hatred it can never blossom into a healthy relationship, it will always be strained and poisoned. Moreover, due to adverse social hard wiring, it is the mother-in-law who is projected negatively and made responsible for everything. At the end of the day, it’s the MIL who gives her son and property to her daughter-in-law. And she is the one who has to face the brunt of the fallacy as she’s held responsible in case the marriage does not work.

It has been a scientifically and also statistically established fact that mothers-in-laws are unnecessarily maligned and subjected to judgmental attitudes by society.

All India Mother-in-Law Protection Forum (AIMPF, HQ in B’lore), a first ever social forum created to protect the rights and interests of the mother-in-law opened its Chandigarh Chapter on its first anniversary. AIMPF is a non-funded non-profit organization working towards uplifting these mothers-in-law by creating awareness and giving them moral support. The helpline Number is 95696-63161. Absolutely no surprise, it got over 50 calls on the launching day itself.



5 Responses to "Girls face 8 times more violence from Mother than MIL – NFHS Survey"

The joint family system as it appears in India, with brides going to live with their in-laws is not psychologically healthy. They should live separate OR the grooms should go and live with THEIR in-laws.

Perhaps a jamai will get along better with his wife’s mother than his wife does with his.

That is the choice that everyone should make (apparently many are making) BEFORE marriage.

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The syndrome of adverse social and hateful hard wiring of daughter-in-law against mother-in-laws is proving to be a social menace in modern times resulting into family chaos and ruining of marriage as institution. I fully agree with the author of this article and commend him for creating this awareness. It is daughter-in-law who constantly teaches her own young daughters to hate their paternal grand mothers for every excuse they can find. When these young daughters witness and experience the tantrum of their mothers at very young age, this results into hard wiring of girls from very early on to develop notion that when they also have to find mistakes and disrespect their mother-in-laws after they would get married. It is scientifically and socially proven fact that adult human behavior is an acquired trait which has its genesis in the environment s/he lives. Every family knows that how much mother-in-laws sacrifice and tolerate in the name of family adjustments, live-in considerations and, and of the all- accepting their humiliations with humility in front of her own son, husband, neighbors and relatives at the hands of daughter-in-laws after she steps in the husband’s house.

It seems to be a bygone era now when there used to be emphasis on family as unit where parent in-laws, sons, sisters and daughter-in-laws lived together in harmony- carefully garnered and nurtured by sole philosophy of mutual sacrifice and respect for elders, but not by selfish demands from daughter-in-laws. In most of the cases, it is the mother of daughter-in-law herself invokes and perpetrates hate crime in their daughter’s families.

Anand Rao

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