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Suicide of wife is not dowry death – High Court

Posted on: September 4, 2010

Over 50 years of misandry has pushed the whole Indian society into a psychological disorder of androphobia. Now Delhi High Court in its judgment has mentioned about this social feeling in strong language. Look at the recent judgment about DOWRY DEATH. Narender Singh Arora Vs State (Govt. of NCT Delhi) & Ors. I’m highlighting some of the contents of this judgment for your quick reference.

5. This case is a reflection of mentality which is now taking grip of parents of a deceased wife in the criminal cases. Whenever a woman dies an unnatural death within seven years of her marriage at in-laws’ house, whatever be the cause of death, the in-laws must be hanged. This case also shows how truth is losing significance because of the ego of the litigants to see that in-laws should be hanged.

7. The trial court went through these letters and after going through all the letters written by the deceased, preferred to believe the circumstances prevalent between deceased and her in-laws, as reflected by the letters instead of believing the testimony of father of the girl and other relatives of the girl who wanted the court to believe that it was a dowry death.

It is well known maxim that men may speak lies but the circumstances do not. The letters written by the deceased is her own testimony in respect of what kind of life she was leading. This testimony of her is unimpeachable and most reliable testimony because it was given by her when there was no shadow of any litigation between the two and relations were normal. The testimony given by her father is not normal testimony. Her father and other family members who deposed in the court testified after death of Arveen and their testimony is coloured with the loss they suffered due to sudden death of the daughter little realizing that she committed suicide not because of dowry demands but because of her fragile and sensitive nature which is reflected from the letters written by her.

How long would have these in-laws been suffering the legal trauma. This is nothing but the outcome of MISANDRY. My humble request to all journos and editors is to address the issue seriously with a broader mind and wider approach.


4 Responses to "Suicide of wife is not dowry death – High Court"

Yes 100% correct decision i am also suffering from this case my daughter in law was mental y disturb due to death of her brother by him.and her family takes her brother in “pitar yoni” god.she committed suicide in my house.after two month of her death her parents suit a case against all of my family members.

Sad to hear that. Hope all the strengths be upon you to fight against these draconian laws in our dysfunctional courts!

Yes 100% correct decision i am also suffering from this case my wife was belongs from a urban family and i am from rural . It is very tuff setuation for her to adjust in rural family and commited sucide within 3 months . But her parents fir that i was asking for dorry and its a dorry death . Thanks for this article

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