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Boot out WCD from Law making process

Posted on: June 17, 2010

Can the Petroleum ministry or coal ministry give open license to pollute the atmosphere and cause oil spills since they do not have the mandate of protection of the environment but only to boost petroleum industry?

Can the ministry for commerce issue wholesale licenses for hunting Indian tigers to extinction because the protection of tigers an endangered species is not their mandate!

Will the Hon’ble Prime Minister allow the drafting of a law concerning Hindus and Muslims by a Ministry that openly claims that it does not have the mandate to protect the Muslims? It is obvious that this law will be end being heavily biased against the Muslims.

The current law making process is somewhat similar to those during the Nazi period, when Nazis , who had no mandate to protect the Jews, drafted laws for the Jews and then called it a socialist law making to the people of the world.

Below are the outrageous reasons for the WCD Ministry for not making the bill Gender Neutral obtained through RTI

The overwhelming nature of sexual harassment is sexual harassment of women on account of their female sex. Harassment of men cannot be put on the same footing character wise or incidence wise. Protection of men is also not the mandate of Ministry of WCD”.

The analysis of the statements of the WCD exposes the extremely poor and downright dubious quality of law drafting in India.

More ugly facts behind the scenes of Sexual Harassment Bill is available here


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