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Seema Goswami says ‘Pregnancy Deaths’ are not Women’s issue.

Posted on: April 20, 2010

Hello Ms. Seema Goswami


To be honest, I was literally overwhelmed with joy to see an article where MEN are being recognised and considered as part of the social fabric. I’m honored, seriously; atleast when it comes to the matter of “saving” women, men get recollected.

But what amazes me is that there is no mention about Women and Child Development ministry or National Commission for Women in the article. I thought to write this mail to make you aware of these ministry and constitutional body. The main purpose and duties of these governmental elements are to address and solve the issues of women and children. Every fiscal year we allocate a particular amount for these activities. The present budget allocated Rs.7200 crores which is 5% more than last year’s buget allocation. Last years allocation was 25% more than previous years. This money is not printed out of thin air. Men contributes more than 82% of the total govt revenue and on top of that 99% of Indian homes run at the cost of MEN. What I’m trying to remind you is that, MEN know their responsibilites and they have been doing it ever since they evolved. What about women?

Since you have no clue what the above mentioned departments are, I’m guessing you might have never heard of Controller and Auditor General as well. The shortest explanation is that they audit government activities. The reason why i’m giving lecture on this is because the latest CAG report says NCW not serving its purpose.

I would humbly recommend you and your fellow writters to evaluate yourself before judging others and finding others faults. Use your mighty sword to remind fellow women about their responsibities FIRST.

At the same time I once again appreciate your effort to spare two lines to address the presence of MEN in the society as a human being not as a Daemon.

Prassoon Suryadas


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