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NCW not serving its purpose – CAG Report

Posted on: April 11, 2010

In an eye-opener on the functioning of the National Commission For Women (NCW), the office of the Director General Audit (Central Expenditure) in a recent audit report stated that the commission has made no jail visits in between 2006 and 2009. The commission has now been asked by the Director General Audit to explain the reasons for “non-conducting of jail visits” on the complaints filed by women inmates.
A copy of the audit report which points out to the no-conducting of jail visits is with the possession of The Asian Age. However, the chairperson of the NCW, Ms Girja Vyas, was not available for comments. So far, the Director General of Audit officials have pointed out that they are waiting for NCW’s explanation. The Office of Director General of Audit has also found huge financial irregularities in the functioning of the National Commission of Women (NCW), and summed up its performance as “not serving its purpose.”

The latest audit report has found huge pendency in the disposal of complaints by the NCW. “Out of the total 7,509 complaints received by the Commission during the period 2008-09, only 1,077 complaints (14 per cent) were disposed off,” states the report.

Seems like NCW is interested only in false complaints like Indian Airlines molestation and fabricated issues like Mangalore pub where we never find any “victims”, in order to cater feminazi agenda rather women’s issues. Over 1.5 lakhs of Indian women got arrested without any investigation based on mere allegation of daughter in laws which had no substantial factual grounds, but NCW response was “Women (read it as wives) want fair deal”. NCW has become the head office of feminazis and their ultimate goal is to liberate women from families, in other words breaking families.

To attain this goal they lobby around judiciary, media and parliamentarians by spreading blatant lies and enacting draconian laws which looks like women savior from the surface but saves only lawyers in reality and meets the ultimate goal. Various NGOs have been exposing their bogus claims through RTI applications.

To NCW 8000 bogus dowry deaths are more important, because it is a redeemable plight of women, than over 80000 pregnancy deaths. 99% of pregnancy deaths are due to lack of easy access to primary health care units. While NCW/WCD spent 51 crores on advertisements alone, how much did they spend for building basic infrastructure, is a question of serious concern.

Instead of addressing the core issues NCW is concentrating on selling the feminazi dogma


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[…] Since you have no clue what the above mentioned departments are, I’m guessing you might have never heard of Controller and Auditor General as well. The shortest explanation is that they audit government activities. The reason why i’m giving lecture on this is because the latest CAG report says NCW not serving its purpose. […]

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