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Can a woman rape a man?

Posted on: March 28, 2010

India government is working on redefining century old rape law (though minor amendment in 1983) in order to include various other offences so as to cover crimes such as sodomy, insertion of a foreign object and other offences that are not currently covered by the legal definition of rape. This will also cover any kind of sexual assaults by either sex. There may be many people who will ask “Can a woman rape a man?”

The definition of rape given in dictionaries is ‘any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person’. Currently penetration is a necessary ingredient to charge a person with rape offence and most people believe it is not possible by a woman to commit this crime because of biological reasons. One of the main reasons behind this belief is, historically media couldn’t ‘celebrate’ a rape committed by woman as they usually do by not missing even a single rape that a man commits even from the remotest part of India where there isn’t any existence of civilization or law. Apparently women are equally competent to do this offence but it never gets reported because of the social stigma that the victims could attract. In 1999 BBC reported that a woman charged with rape in Rwanda. It did raise the eye brows of many when 3 women in Karachi dupe, kidnapped 23 year old Khalil and raped him over four consecutive days and then threw him near Qayyumabad River in an unconscious state in 2009.

Since you are not convinced yet I’m explaining how it is possible, “technically”. This write up is not intended to encourage a crime but only to educate those who are ignorant about the ability of women. Place the rubber bands around the base of the unit, taking the place of the one-way valves that normally prevent penile deflation. If you’re in a hurry, use Popsicle sticks to hold the unit up so you don’t need to wait for full inflation. Very simple…. Remove the rubber bands and reinstall it for further action.

Another way of sexual assaults/rape that women commit is to corner the man leaving no other options. This is mainly among close relatives (especially minor boys) or among women bosses and male subordinates. There are a handful of reports that came out in the recent past. Though India stands 54th among the 65 country table of International Rape statistics, it is all about crime committed by men.

Flavia Agnes, Mumbai-based lawyer and activist, told Times of India that this law will only make the situation worse for women, as many may get accused of rape. Times of India also reported that legal experts are apprehensive that the IPC amendment will open the floodgates for other gender-neutral laws, such as those governing domestic violence, dowry death, and cruelty to wives or even maintenance to women after a divorce.

As the patriarchal definition of rape, modern India should change the patriarchal definition of domestic violence, patriarchal definition of dowry death, patriarchal definition of cruelty to wives as well as patriarchal definition of maintenance in order to come closer to a gender neutral society and attain equality; where the meaning of “equality” matches with the definitions given in dictionaries and by The Constitution of India.

Nevertheless, if no special attention is paid to curb the menace of misuse, like all dowry laws, this act will also give adverse results and only uphold the interests of the crooked.

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3 Responses to "Can a woman rape a man?"

Definition: What is testicular abuse?
Testicular abuse is any form of inappropriate violence that is directed at the testes of men and boys.
What are the effects of testicular abuse?
The physiological response to a testicular injury sustained during an assault can be an unbearably painful experience, usually involving the following symptoms:
1.Extreme pain within the testes, epididymis and spermatic cord.
2.Severe cramping sensation within the vicinity of the spermatic plexus.
Although the aforementioned symptoms are most common among victims of assaults involving testicular abuse, far more harmful health issues have been linked with the act.
1.Death via neurogenic shock. A few cases involving men dying from neurogenic shock after sustaining a violent assault to their testes have been reported by the print media. The Cossiah women of India have murder their husbands by squeezing their testes.
2.Rupturing of the tunica albuginea (the hard covering of the testis). Can occur when a testis is exposed to a force .The affected tissue must be surgically removed (debridement).
3.Torsion of the testes. The spermatic cord twists around on itself, restricting blood flow to the testis it supplies. Failure to correct the torsion within 24 to 48 hours usually results in the death of the testis.
4.Irreparable damage to the seminiferous tubules and Leydig cells, causing infertility and a decline in testosterone production, respectively.

SEXUAL ASSAULT LAW MUST BE MADE GENDER NEUTRAL BECAUSE BOYS ALSO GET SEXUALLY ASSAULTED SPECIALLY AT YOUNGER AGE.CURRENT EXAMPLE-Guru Grand Union School in Kansai section of the town. Teacher Maria, a young woman, admits that she sexually abuses young boy but does not feel ashamed or guilty. Is it her confidence in the system that will never punish her for whatever she does? She says, “Yes, I did parade them around nude.

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