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Man’s World – A Flashback

Posted on: March 20, 2010

The great biologist George Wald quoted “It has taken humanity 4.5billion years to discover it is 4.5billion years old”. But history of human beings (after evolution, if you believe the theory of evolution) is approximately 3.7million years old as per historians. Those were the times when human beings lived together with animals in the same jungle fighting for existence and food. As you all are well aware of the term “The Stronger Sex” obviously protected the weaker sex from the natural dangers and risks. That went on for about 2 million years until the first tool was invented.

That was by “The Stronger Sex” for the ease of self protection, the weaker sex and to gather food. It took another 2 million years to make use of fire in day to day life. Again, “The Stronger Sex” did it for the betterment of living standards. He also found how to make use of caves for better protection. As a hard worker and never lazy “The Stronger Sex” invented better tools and enhanced comfort by cutting forest, cultivate, building better houses etc. The weaker sex enjoyed the relatively safer atmosphere and better living condition and none complained about ‘oppression’ or history never marked their willingness to fight with dangerous animals and risky nature. This is what “The Stronger Sex” calls ‘The History of Silence’.

At this point “The Stronger Sex” has already acquired a lot of cultivable land with their hard work and at the cost of many lives to make a better living condition for him and also for those who he likes. Then the barter system, agricultural revolution, industrial revolution etc were introduced to boost the growth.

Here is where “history” starts for some, The Feminazis. Debates on women’s reservation bill are soaring every where and I happen to read a comment in a prominent news paper which made me write this article. For those who haven’t seen that I’m pasting it here

Kathyayini Chamaraj: I want to contest what you (Kumar) are saying. First of all, it is not a level-playing field for women and men. Historically, we have been denied resources. If I want to jump into politics and spend Rs23lakh, where do I get that amount? Most of us don’t own property. We don’t own assets of the family. It is always men who decide how the resources or assets are to be utilized or spent. Where do I have the freedom to decide or spend? Even if I am an urban woman, I will not have equal decision making powers. It is a truth that applies to women of all classes. That is why I don’t see any logic in quota within a quota. Women coming from affluent classes find it just as difficult to come up in life as any other woman from a rural background. Given a level-playing field, women have shown that they are more committed, honest and hardworking. We spend less time talking and more time doing things. Reservation is necessary until we reach that percentage which is proportionate to our population. We are 50% in population. As long as we are not getting more than 50% reservation, it is fair enough.

Nobody has ever given any resources to Men. It is the fruits of their hard work. Nobody ever tied up women for not acquiring what they call resources. It is because historically everything was granted to women and they took it for granted. Now they claim that it is their “Right”!!! ‘The Stronger Sex’ out of his hard work and at the cost of many such lives, has made this world livable and enjoyable for both sexes. Both sexes are provided with same education and other facilities equally, but what on earth is the reason for special provisions for one sex? Apparently, many women out of their hard work have build up their career and political image acquired a lot of resources too. In other words, those who have worked hard did acquire resources. It will be like demeaning those women’s efforts by providing unnecessary reservations as charity. On the other hand there are many able and much more efficient guys out there who want to jump into politics and spend 23lakhs but they don’t have that amount. Should we give reservation for those people as well? If gender based reservation is inevitable, why should it start from Parliament? Why not from the Army? Based on the performance we can extend the reservation to navy, air force, coal mines, oil rigs etc and then we may think about Parliament.

Sonia Gandhi was proclaiming women reservation bill as a gift on International women’s day, but wouldn’t it be more meaningful if it gets passed on International Beggar’s Day?

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