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Let’s celebrate Women’s Day with pride

Posted on: March 7, 2010

India has a long history of upholding women’s status and dignity; perhaps it’s the only country in the world where women enjoy the most privileges and less hassles. History says that in ancient India, women enjoyed equal status with men in all fields of life. They were educated during the vedic periods and had full rights to choose their husband. Swayamvaras were a good example to support that claim. But after couple of centuries of Mughal rule some restrictions got established, social status of women began to decline and later entry of christianity curtailing women’s freedom and rights.

Pre independant India had wider presence of women population in the freedom movement and also witnessed great women leaders like Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi etc. Indian women enjoyed voting righs even 10 years before American women. Now women need to pay only less tax compared to men for the same pay. Widows are entitled to pension, married women are entitled to be maintained by husbands regardless of their earning potential.

Around 11% of Indian companies have women CEOs, while in the case of Fortune 500 list from the US, the women CEOs just account for 3% of the total consideration set. On International rape statistics table South Africa tops with 1.2 rapes per 1000 people where as India stands in 56th place with 0.01 in the 65 countries list. Social staus of women has been dramatically improved compared to pre independant era and they also enjoy different choices in life such as 1) Be a housewife 2) Work fulltime 3) Work parttime 4) Work occassionally. On the other hand choice for men are 1) Work fulltime 2) Work fulltime 3) Work fulltime 4) Work fulltime

As per the latest available reports (this is based on the complaints filed not proven yet)
Total crime against women = 185312
Total No of women as per 2001 census = 495,738,169
Crime rate = 0.03%

As per Center for Social Research 98% of Dowry harassment cases are false. So the number comes down to 110900. So do RAPE and MOLESTATION cases; Latest studies says more than 20% of rape cases are false! So crime against women in India is far less compared to their couter part as well as in other countries.

Total number of crimes in 2007 = 5733407
Total crime against men = 5548095

SUICIDE Rate (Married) MEN-65.25% —- WOMEN-34.75%

One SUICIDE in Every 9.52 Mins(MEN) —- 18 Mins(WOMEN)

Number of MURDERS MEN-26467 —- WOMEN-7952

One Murder in Every 19Mins(MEN) —- 66Mins(WOMEN)

India has stepped forward a lot over these 60 years of Independance in terms of establishing women’s rights and empowerment. Even the prominent women leaders who were in the Constituent Assembly like Sarojini Naidu, Hansa Mehta, Durgabai Deshmukh, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur etc did not find the need of special consideration for women during those days. Ambedkar was against any kind of reservations but even in that case he was absolutely against giving it for more than 10 years. But now India is working on women’s political empowerment through 33% reservation in parliament and state assemblies even at the cost of uprooting the fundamental principles of democracy (free and fair elections). Indian politicians are not bothered to take away the rights of men to contest in elections.

Arent there a lot for Indian women to be proud of their country on this auspicious occassion of International women’s day?



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