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End of blackmail saga begins

Posted on: February 5, 2010

From time immemorial typical Indian parents are very loyal in taking care of their kids. They believe their responsibility does not end even after making their children able to stand on their own feet. It extends to the point where they find a suitable alliance and help the children run their own family too. Be it “swayamwar”, child marriage or the not very old but still prevalent arranged marriages, parents used to consider it as part of their responsibility. Even in this 21st Century they consider it as ‘WRONG’ if their daughter finds her own partner. As time passes by parents are becoming more and more duty bound that they want to further extend their responsibility by marrying their children off over and over again. In order to achieve this as well as to get a “good alliance” they often fabricate the profile of their daughters; giving false promises to persuade the bridegroom has just become part of the game and most brides are generally part and parcel of this conspiracy.

It is obvious that those marriages, better say alliances, last only up to the point where the pranks are unmasked. It is pretty common for most new-age women to have boyfriend(s), at the same time to keep the ‘good girl’ image or to marry the rather successful man they agree to their parent’s choice.

Parents feel proud of their ‘good’ daughters and love flows in the form of gold, diamonds, vehicles and what not. Keeping the family status in the society is the key factor in any Indian marriage and “Gifts” are given to the bride, which is more to satisfy the society than the bride and to keep up the dignity of the family. It is not a secret anymore to cover the bride with imitation gold to attain the ‘goal’. Matter of the fact is, marrying off the girl “empty handed” make them look down on themselves.

Grant functions end in a day or some even last for a few days; people disperse off burping, satisfied with the authentic meal and praising the family. Bride is happy for huge amount of gifts that she never had before and bridegroom even happier to see his well ‘decorated’ dream girl. His happiness doubles when he didn’t make any demands for marriage but a lot are offered. Father in laws are happy about their event management skills but mothers of both bride and bridegroom are little upset because, from now on they are mother-in-laws; the most dangerous creature on earth as per media and Government of India.

Now comes, the honey moon part. But from the recent reports that are coming from various cities of India, it is evident that marriages reach courts in as little as two weeks or months; which means ‘lived happily NEVER after’. In most cases couples are not able to build up trust and gain respect of the other because of the reasons mentioned before.

Here comes the responsible parents who take up the issue and now the effort is to save the face and “safeguard” the future of their daughter. Laws come in handy for them and it’s just a matter of choice when to use it, upon whom to use it and how much money to be extorted in order to “safeguard” her life. Everything takes a U-turn in the court; Gifts turn into Dowry, hospitality becomes harassment, and kisses become kicks. Criminal cases launched against everyone except dogs/cats in husband’s house. RANSOM depends on how ‘successful’ the husband is but generally averages to 30 lakhs.

This scenario is not new to successful Indian husbands and NRIs which resulted in mushrooming organizations of men all around the nation. Indian men from different parts of the globe are gathering and started fighting back against the evil and demand justice. It was just a matter of time which our lousy judicial system take, an average of 7 years for a case, to see the results. One such case has come to an end where First Class Judicial Magistrate Taranjit Kaur has held complainant and her parents guilty of misusing Section 498A of the Dowry Act against the accused and his three sisters, who were absolved of the charges of harassment and torture for dowry and were “acquitted of the charges framed against them.”

This judgment is a good sign for the society as a whole and the institution of Indian family in particular. In the coming years we will see young brides along with responsible parents parading to jails for charges of abusing the legal system.


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