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To Lie – A birth right of Women?

Posted on: January 24, 2010

Probably everyone came across with instances where you got fooled by women with their lies. Most women dont even feel guilty of lying even in serious matters like marriage. Some tweak their profile giving wrong information in order to get a “good” alliance. A recent incident of suicide of Syed Makdhoom revealed how badly he got fooled by his wife. That lady was married 4 times which wasnt informed prior to the marriage.

In those cases it affect only the parties concerned, but how many will get fooled if it is a Ministry which lie? You guessed it right, I’m talking about Women and Child Ministry along with National Commission of Women. Last week NCW chairperson said

“As many as 331 complaints were filed by women against their Non Resident Indian (NRI) husbands in a year with the highest number of 87 reported from Punjab, National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Girija Vyas said Thursday.”

Lets take a look at the credibility of this statement. Multiple RTI applications were filed last year (2009) by various organisations and it was found beyond any remote doubt that both MOIA and the WCD together did not receive more than 50 complaints against NRI husbands with most complaints being duplicates that were forwarded between these agencies!

    2006 – 23 Complaints ( NCW chairperson openly lied in Pravasi bharathiy divas stating they have 1000+ complaints )
    2007 – 20 Complaints
    2008 – 42 Complaints

On another instance

“We have found in 70% of divorce cases, adultery is used to discredit the woman. Not only is she thrown out of the house, but is also disgraced and denied her rights,” NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said.

When application filed for data to support the claim made by NCW, through an application under Rights to Information Act, 2005, NCW in its reply categorically denied maintaining any such data!!! I found a bigger list of this kind of blatant lies including links to those RTIs here

This clearly exposes the political conspiracy undergoing in order to trap MEN in general and NRIs in particular for those reasons that are best known to NCW/WCD.

Even more dangerous finding is the presence of Pakistani Air Force chief in WCD publication and Minister Krishna Tirath trying hard to hogwash common citizens of India. I wouldnt be surprised if tomorrow someone says WCD has some alliance with ISI and their intention is to destroy the Institution of Family in India.

IBN News Video

NEWS available here.


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