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Attn: CHAIRPERSON NCW [With regard to Aditya Abduction case]

Posted on: November 17, 2009

Dear Madam

I happen to see the news about Aditya Abduction case here.

Considering the Supreme Court judgement what would you suggest the young NRI wives in the future. In my humble opinion it would be nice to change the verbiage as mention in the Dos and Donts Guide for NRIs (

“Do not be forced into participating in legal action in country of
husband’s residence. You can file a case in India and cannot be
forced to defend a case filed against you by husband abroad –
especially divorce. India has more women-friendly laws than
many other countries.”


“Do respect the law of the land where your habitual residence is. If not you may be sent back to that country and situation may go extremely hairy. India has more women-friendly laws like PWDVA and IPC 498a which you can still use even after divorce to teach husbands what their mothers didnt.”


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