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Posted on: October 14, 2009

Supreme Court of India

Supreme Court of India

1) IPC section 304(b) [Dowry Death] – Do you know that it is a MUST to register and inquire every unnatural death of a woman within the frist 7 years of marriage. Even if such women die in a road accident Police are bound to register a case under this section against all family members including Husband? If husband or his entire family is not at fault, they can prove that in the court and that will take years.

2) Do you know that a Hindu husband is bound to maintain his wife through out her lifetime no matter how much she earns based on Hindu Adoption And Maintenance Act?

3) Do you know that various other acts by which a married women can claim maintenance which is good enough to maintain the lifestyle same as her husband no matter how long the marriage lasts? Divorce rate in metro cites are over 50% and rural areas are trying to catch up.

4) Do you know that talking louder to your wife is an offense as per Domestic Violence Act?

5) Do you know that it is considered as economic offense as per Domestic Violence Act if you dont fullfil the financial needs of your wife, no matter whatever the need is?

6) Do you know that wife can get restraining order from court and evict you and your parents from your own household as per Domestic Violence Act?

7) Do you know that it is sexual abuse as per Domestic Violence Act if you dont provide it when ever your wife wants it?

8 ) Do you know that Domestic Violence Act is only for women and women cannot be accused of any of the abuses mentioned in the Act?

9) Do you know that women just need a phone call to register a criminal case (for no reason) against husband and his entire family under IPC section 498(a) and no proofs are needed?

10) Do you know that more than 56000 men in India are committing suicide every year because of family problems? And its only less than 28000 women for the same reason?
Thats the reason why Supreme Court says “OBEY YOUR WIFE


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