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India in SEX revolution

Posted on: July 5, 2009



A survey conducted by India today in 2008 reveals the rapid growth of Indian demand for sex. The results show that men are determined to explore the sex-sphere and women are trying their best to catch up. Though, survey results reflect the shyness and hippocratic nature of women in revealing the facts. Some of the highlights are

  • Some 38 percent of men approve of underage sex
  • Two out of five males approve of adultery.
  • One out of every two males who have reported committing adultery had sex with their ex girlfriends outside their existing relationship.
  • Sleeping with neighbors is higher than the percentage with colleagues and prostitutes.
  • Nearly one in every five males who committed adultery, have been party to partner swapping.
  • Three out of four men like to experiment with different positions while having sex.
  • Two-third of males feels that their partners are adventurous when it comes to sex. ‘
  • Twelve per cent more women (in comparison to men) prefer spending the night with a gigolo from a different country.
  • Only 9% women said sex is not important in their life.
  • 25% women opt to have an affair on the side, if they are not happy with the sex within marriage and 9% choose “Don’t know/won’t say”.
  • 57% women choose it is very important/important to have orgasm for sexual fulfillment and 21% choose “Don’t know/won’t say”.
  • 7% women admitted extramarital sex 12% choose “Don’t know/Won’t say” and 81% said ‘No’.

What is interesting to note here is that while 40% of men admitted adultery and 50% out of those were admitted to have adultery with their ex girl friends. This figure is not matching the 7% adultery of women. But if we dig a little bit deeper we will find that 20% of men who admitted adultery, had it with their ex girl friends and if we add that 12% “Don’t know/Won’t say” to that of 7% women who admitted adultery, will make it to 19%, which is more or less matching to the 20% of men. So the survey data seems to be correct but exposes the hypocrisy of women.

In 1992 National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago sent hundreds of interviewers to gather data on the sexual conduct of Americans in the National Health and Social Life Survey. In a face-to-face survey of 3,432 adults born from 1933 to 1974, researchers asked: ”Have you ever had sex with someone other than your husband or wife while you were married?” 25% of the married men in the United States and 6% of the married women reported having at least one extramarital affair.

India is indeed rocking; isn’t it?



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