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‘Nobody wants to touch the issue of violence against women’

Posted on: June 26, 2009

I happened to read this article in Rediff Get Ahead and was astonished to know the history of
Breakthrough which is celebrating 20th anniversary and Bell Bajao the new variant. The founder Mallika Dutt, 47, hailing from Calcutta is based in the USA and has dedicated all of her adult life to fighting for causes she believes in. Rediff gave her the identity of “feminist” and she is proud of it. She talks about the most serious discrimination experienced in her life which says; while the boys in the house go to play she was supposed to learn how to cook! I would say it is discrimination against boys who are not taught how to live. After reading this article I couldn’t stop commenting a couple of words and may be because the truth is so bitter that it didn’t come up in the site. What I wanted to say is, these organizations take breaking the family for petty issues as social service. These kinda faminazis will not open their mouth unless there is any room to make some fund or get publicity. Recently a woman got gang raped by police. In Shiney case, prima facie there was evidence of rape but in this case there was no prima facie evidence because the accused are the police. Only All India Forgotten Women was there to make a feeble voice. Apparently, in India there are only 20737 rape cases reported from among 1.2BILLION population and studies say 18% of these are fabricated and false. Compared to the number of men committing suicide this number is way less than half.  (As per National Crime Records Bureau latest report). India has over 4000 registered women organizations and what do they do other than collecting Govt grants and external funds? Bell Bajao is a group of pathetic lawyers looking for work. The recent study conducted by Govt of Kerala recommends changes in almost all the sections of Domestic violence Act as it is contradictory to Civil Procedure Code and violates basic civil rights. The report also says none of the petitioners got any sort of help from women organizations. But Bell Bajao is busy working to make a living out of it! Its good for Mallika madam that she did excellent business making money out of women’s plight through music albums, donations etc but the question is what had Mallika madam and her organizations done to uplift the women in past 20 years? The root cause of any problem of Indian women is financial dependence. What had Breakthrough done, other than misandry, to overcome this in the past 20 years?

I was always wondering how these organizations can have that much money to give massive advertisements in TV and everywhere around the country and most importantly if that money would have spent on some productive projects so as to empower women, we could have made majority of women in India financially independent!!! India Govt assigned Rs.7200 crores for women and child ministry in the present budget, a mere 25% more fund than last budget. If this money is indeed going into the right hands we wouldn’t have seen half naked kids on the road or young girls begging on the road with a toddler.

A quick Google search took me to the UNIFEM site which claims themselves as the savior of all women on this planet. There Annual report for the year 2006-2007 gave me the following info about the funds to India –

India – Lawyers Collective
“Staying alive – Empowerment through law”
$ 140,000

India – Society Social Uplift
Through Rural Action (SUTRA)
“Making Nyaya Panchayat (local courts) instrumental in implementing the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005”
$ 78,000

India – Breakthrough
“At the intersection of gender-based violence – empowering women against HIV/AIDS and the stigma and discrimination resulting from infection”
$ 100,000

A total of $318000 at the rate of Rs.45 will amount to Rs.1,43,10,000/- for the period, has come to India. Something similar would have got funded since 1976, when UNIFEM came into existence. But the greatest achievement as mentioned in this report is a local government health centre in Mysore! That means Indian tax payer’s money. Then what are these women organizations doing with the money? Should we understand that, the agenda of UNIFEM is to destroy the Institution of Family system in the name of Women Empowerment through Law and does the title of the article give you the answer?


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