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CRISP Organises Father’s Day Rally

Posted on: June 19, 2009

i love you dad

i love you dad

CRISP is an NGO formed on 24th May 2008, by people who recognize the serious effects of Parental Alienation of children due to single parent families on account of divorce or separation. CRISP is also focusing on furthering the rights of children to remain connected with both parents. Our aims and objectives are based on research findings. We are a group of people from all walks of life, like software engineers, doctors, teachers, businessmen, social workers, etc. which includes women and senior citizens to address this burning issue of our present day society and its realities. CRISP has organized National Father’s Day Rally on Saturday, the 20th June,2009 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM at Mahatma Gandhi Statue, M.G. Road, Bangalore, to demand FAMILY LAW REFORMS and to highlight the grievances of Fathers deprived of children’s access due to biased laws and failure of our system on all fronts. Father’s Day is a day honoring fathers, celebrated worldwide. In India also the Father’s day is being celebrated since many years as an expression of love and tribute to the Fathers. The present day fathers participate equally in parenting of their children, in all spheres of their development, physically, mentally and emotionally due to the changing scenario of our family system, especially in cities and their role is paramount. Unfortunately, however, the divorce rates are also going up substantially. There are more than 13,000 cases in the Family Courts of Bangalore alone, pending disposal and lakhs of cases in the country. CRISP is concerned with the growing custody battles between the parents and the ill effects on the children due to their parents’ separation. We at CRISP, which includes fathers, mothers and grandparents have charted a Pro-Family agenda and are actively working against and exposing Anti-Family organisations and systems. We speak for the rights of the innocent impacted Children who are deprived of the love and affection of both their natural parents and shared parenting is the only alternative arrangement to spend quality time with both the parents. The traditional Indian Value system has undergone a sea change from the olden days where the mother was the nurturer and fathers the provider to the child. Now the present day father is equally competent in taking care of the needs of the child and in taking on the responsibilities of child upbringing and in no way inferior to the mother and this mindset against fathers is not valid. Serious disorders like Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS),which is the worst form of child abuse wherein one parent out of revenge against the other parent deprives the child of the love and affection and care of the other parent and Reactive Associative Disorders, warp a child’s development. Studies have shown that there is a tendency for such children to become criminals in their later years, for which the society and our system are directly responsible. CRISP also held a press conference a press conference on Thursday, the 18th June 2009, at the Press Club, Cubbon Park, and highlighted the problems faced by LAKHS of CHILDREN owing to the insensitive & biased laws of our country against the fathers in separation or divorce cases involving child custody/ visitation rights cases. A presentation was made on the serious effects of a fatherless society being imposed on our children, due to the outdated and casual approach of the Family Courts system in our country and the need for SHARED PARENTING and setting up special Guardian Courts in the interests of the children who have been denied their basic right of access to their parents. CRISP WISHES EVERYBODY ON THE OCCASION OF FATHER’S DAY AND EVERYBODY IS INVITED FOR THE RALLY. PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN LARGE NUMBERS AND RECOGNISE THE CONTRIBUTION OF DADS.


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