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About 1,20,000 Indian women arrested

Posted on: June 15, 2009


Close to 1,20,000 mothers and sisters have been arrested under charges of Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, without any verification / investigation; just on a mere complaint, as these women were blood relatives of a MAN. Even the Colonial British Government took 10 years to arrest 5000 women (1937 – 47) but the Indian Government has arrested close to 24 times more women in just four years (2004-2007). The maximum women arrested by the British Government is 17000 in 1930 for Dandi, but the Indian Government under the pressure of National Commission for Women(NCW) and Women and Child Development Ministry (WCD) arrested 1,20,000 women in 4 years.

As per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in the year 2005, more than 22,64,000 crimes have been registered against men (which is 92.8% of total registered crimes), while crime against women is 1,55,000 approximately (which is 6.38% of total registered crimes) and yet the media never found it worth enough to create awareness about this. A really pathetic and callous approach.
Source: http://ncrb. /cii-2005/ Table%201. 1.pdf
But the question is whose life is in more danger in India, Men or Women? In fact as per the murder rates of USA and India, Indian women are 2 times safer than women in USA despite the presence of so called Dowry Deaths in India.

Rs.7200 Crore has been assigned to Women and Child Development Ministry in the current budget; a mere 25% more than the last budget. Why is not even a single rupee spent for men’s welfare when men contribute 82% of the total taxes in India? Even animals have welfare ministry, but WHY not for MEN?


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